Social Communications for B2B Brands

Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to attend the B2B Social Communications Leadership Forum in NYC, hosted by the Business Development Institute (BDI).  Our agency is a big fan of BDI so we were excited to have the opportunity to sponsor this one. In addition to the quality of speakers and program topics, BDI focuses each of its event on a specific vertical or industry, allowing attendees to take a deep dive into their area of expertise. For this particular event, the topic was focused Read more […]

Social Media Week 2011: Social Media Monitoring + Facebook + Quora

It’s new but many of the basics are the same. Johnson King explains the latest popular social media tool, Quora, and how best to manage it. The Social Media Week session Social Media Monitoring + Facebook + Quora showed that there’s still limited understanding of the new kid on the social media block. Quora has proven to be something of a marmite – the Telegraph loved it while Techcrunch writer Vivek Wadhwa quickly dismissed the hype. Post-Christmas, tech journalists and PRs seemed to be Read more […]

Social Media Week 2011: Social Media & Your Career – What You Need to Know

It adds a whole new layer to the job search. But whether or not you actually want a new job, developing a presence on the social Web will only benefit your career down the line. Here are a few ways to make sure your professional appearance on social media will help your career advance. Read more on the Johnson King blog. Read more […]

Social Media Week 2011: Facebook and Twitter for Business – It’s time to get personal

How should businesses go about monitoring their Twitter or Facebook pages? Johnson King Account Executive Matthew Tubbs and Senior Account Executive Dana Hashem weighs in on a Social Media Week 2011 panel that discussed how companies should approach a new feed. The Facebook and Twitter for businesses event at Social Media Week 2011 saw Mark Shaw and Julie Hall up on stage to discuss strategy for establishing a successful corporate presence in social media. Although the platforms are different Read more […]

Social Media Week 2011: Top Tips for Social Media Listening Done Right

Yesterday, I attended Pay Attention! Social Media Listening Done Right event as part of New York’s Social Media Week. I was drawn to this event because lately, everyone seems to be drowning in a sea of information, whether it’s on Twitter, Facebook or in their email inbox. True to its promise, panelists offered advice and best practices for finding and analyzing the useful information amidst the clutter. You can read more about the event at the Johnson King blog. Read more […]

Social Media Week 2011: From Silicon Roundabouts to a Silicon World

There’s many reasons and ways to use social media. In our latest installment on Social Media Week 2011, Johnson King Account Executive Rachel Phythian and Account Director Laura Mead discuss ways companies go about using social media. Social Media Week 2011: From Silicon Roundabouts to a Silicon World Technology companies, particularly internet-based ones, possess innate, global potential.  When a product can be accessed or downloaded via the web, the barriers-to-entry for international Read more […]

Social Media Week 2011: How Social Media Fueled the Success of Comedy Central’s Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear

Day two of NYC’s Social Media Week 2011 included a Comedy Central panel discussing how social media played a pivotal role in organizing, promoting and as a result, the success of Comedy Central’s Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear event. After Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert announced on-air on September 17, 2010 that the rally would take place in Washington D.C. on October 30, 2011, Comedy Central had just six weeks to not only engage audiences and build hype for the event, but also encourage Read more […]

Social Media Week 2011: 10 Ways to Suck at Social Media

There’s always a downside, and that’s the case with social media. Johnson King Account Executives Ginnia Cheng and Hannah Townsend talk about the bad moves companies make on the social web. We attended a fun Social Media Week session last night called 10 Ways to Suck at Social Media, which had the giggle-inducing hashtag of #10suck.  Hosted by Luis Carranza, head of Social Media Marketing at Chemistry, the talk started off with an appropriate compilation of a variety of the internet’s favourite Read more […]

Social Media Week 2011: How to Write for Social Media

Our next installment in the Social Media Week series, comes from Jonathan Mathias, Account Manager at Johnson King. Just how do you create quality content on social media channels? Yesterday afternoon, I went to a very interesting Social Media Week session called ‘Sweet Retweets.’  In it, Sue Keogh and Christine Cawthorne, parted with sage advice for writing content specifically for Twitter and Facebook.  The presenters have a wealth of experience in the field, having created social media Read more […]

Social Media Week: Protecting Reputation in a Digital World

Our next post on Social Media Week comes from Johnson King account director Laura Mead. How does your company handle PR crisis in a social world? Johnson King kicked off Social Media Week in London today, attending a session on how to protect reputation in a digital world.  Though much of what the session addressed ground we cover frequently, I was pleasantly surprised at some of what was discussed.  Tim Luckett, who heads up Hill & Knowlton’s Issues and Crisis team, talked at length about Read more […]