Pollara Report Dissing Social Media Brings WOM/BT Smackdown Closer

Did you see the Pollara research report on influencers that came out yesterday? I read about it on MediaPost and saw this great follow-up post on ReadWriteWeb. To summarize, Pollara reported that bloggers and other online “influencers” may not hold as much sway as marketers believe they do. The data point that keeps popping up… Continue reading

Sarah Lacy at SXSWi: What Happened?

I confess I have never been to South by Southwest. However, the beauty of any conference attended by obsessive bloggers is that you can follow the fun online wherever you are. Yesterday afternoon, I noticed a few tweets regarding Sarah Lacy’s keynote interview with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Sarah, a tech reporter for BusinessWeek, was… Continue reading

2007: The Year In Ideas (and Awards)

For a meme-junkie such as myself, there is no better time of year to catch up on microtrends than the New York Times Magazine’s annual Year in Ideas. Reading year-end pieces such as this one, and GOOD Magazine’s, feels like an naughty idea binge. While they’re good for reading up on trends you may have… Continue reading

LOFSA Data Breach — My Daily News Monitoring Just Got Personal

My mom alerted me to a data breach involving the Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance (LOFSA) and their back-up provider, Iron Mountain. While news of the breach is quickly being spread in state and local news outlets, the story is not getting widespread pickup. According to the AP story: The case was lost Sept…. Continue reading

Zipcar’s Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green

I think all marketers pay special attention to the ways they are marketed to. I personally get a huge thrill out of polls, focus groups and guerrilla marketing. (Just ask anyone in this office who endured by my play-by-play recap of the Microsoft AdCenter focus group I recently participated in.) I often find myself a… Continue reading

Church of the Customer Calls out PR Angle in NYTimes Advertising Piece

One of my favorite Word of Mouth-related blogs is Church of the Customer. It’s written by Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba, authors of the book Citizen Marketers. I was glad to read Church of the Customer’s response to the weekend New York Times story The High Price of Creating Ads. They remind us that the… Continue reading