Has PR Writing Become the Death Knell of Bylines?

Earlier today I came across this TechCrunch article: Rethinking contributors on TechCrunch, stating that the publication is changing the way it accepts contributed content. Moving forward, there will be no more pitching – industry experts hoping to place a byline article will need to be invited. When explaining its reasoning for the shift, the company notes: “Independent writers and respected industry investors and entrepreneurs have given us great (and insanely popular from a traffic standpoint) Read more […]

Quick Tip: A Thesis Statement is not an Argument

Public relations pros are masters when it comes to crafting witty headlines. However, it’s important not to confuse the window dressing with the actual window. Without getting too postmodern/signifiers that signify nothing on you, let me offer this gentle reminder: a great headline is not the same thing as a great argument. While this lapse in judgment can negatively affect your pitching, whatever you do, don’t let it seep into your personal communications. When you find yourself talking in sound Read more […]