This is not a double-sided mattress. I guarantee you will get your moneys worth. Latex also happens to be a naturally cooler material than other types of foams, although you won’t experience much of this because it is buried below several inches of other foams. Simmons is vague about the exact layers within the mattress, but all the foams are CertiPUR-US certified, which means the bed is safe to sleep on. I highly recommend this mattress if you are looking to purchase a new one. We had this mattress delivered on Nov. 11, 2020 and in less than 2 weeks there are already obvious, noticeable indentations from shoulders, hips, knees on both sides from both sleepers. There’s hardly any excess compression along the perimeter. However its winter here so I dont know what the matress would feel like in the summer months. Supposedly, it utilizes a special cooling textile, but we’ve found the bed to be more temperature neutral, not especially cool. So we love it & would recommend it. I just love it. It is also beautiful. It’s thick and burly, and it’s built to a higher standard than many online-specific beds. However I did notice that the one side I sleep/sit on more is already a bit lower than the other side. NEVER BUY BEAUTYREST AGAIN IN MY LIFETIME. I'm a side sleeper and only way 165lbs. The first option is an optional cooling upgrade including NaturalCool™ Plus layers for additional cool breathability and a medium feel. It's like sleeping on a cloud. However I hope it wont wear to much being as though you only can rotate the matress one way. In some aspects, yes, in some, no. Beautyrest mattresses all come with a 100-night trial period. I am going back to more stores to find a few more "replacement mattresses" that will fit into their category. For most people, the bed should be neutral, but some could end up sleeping hot and others sleeping cool. Buy Beautyrest Firm Mattresses at If you want something firm, this probably isn't what you want. It has a floral pattern and little divots that give the surface a little texture. I then switched to a Stearns and Foster. The pocketed coil system in the construction of this bed gives it some bounce, which is hard to keep from transferring across the bed. Some models do a better job than others when it comes to cooling. After this pandemic is over it will probably be thrown out. We spent $3,500 on this mattress and the warranty is set up to not cover this problem. We are not heavy individuals. However we do not have a bed frame that will hold a mattress of this type so we placed on top of our old box spring. I originally planned to get a tempur pedic. The two cooling online C-Class options should do a superior job keeping cool for most sleepers. I have noticed the mattress is cooler and I sweat less than I used to. This mattress was OK at first but quickly lost function. It’s totally unexpected. I AM OUT A LOT OF MONEY and am on SS retired. The pillow top seems to help me sleep better and is better for me to sleep on since I have arthritis. There are two other factors that are important to consider when trying to find a new mattress, but Calista is good on both of them. Forever … This was retail value to retail value. The classic innerspring mattress dominates the sleep market for good reason. The highlight of my days is going home to lay in bed. In recent years Simmons merged with Serta into the Serta Simmons Bedding Company, making them one of the … Filter Results PRICE You may still see some other lines being sold, such as The Recharge, which is similar to the Silver. Add in a plush comforter and matching sheets for a bed that is as beautiful as it is comfortable. Nicely made mattress..perfect for a good nights sleep! Purchased a Beautyrest gold mattress and boxspring in 2017. No go. Within the mattress, are pressure relieving gel memory foam for a contouring feel and cooling 'RightTemp™' Wave Foam that is more responsive and supportive. Some links on Slumber Search are referral links. When it comes to your own comfort, your own body is the only North Star. We found it to be a soft to medium-soft in terms of firmness, but with all these options, the Beautyrest Silver covers the whole soft/firm spectrum. I know one thing I don’t want it replaced with the same mattress if I can get the warranty honored. Really I though the cheaper foam mattress I had was comfortable, got the job done but now after sleeping in this mattress I’m too spoiled to enjoy the other mattress I sleep on. previous mattress was a Beautyrest plush king. Next is a layer of gel memory foam, then some GelTouch Foam. A Beautyrest mattress set is more truly a sleep platform. We have a lovely vintage oak bed with side rails, so both pieces had to sit on that. He chose this one & the very first night he slept like a baby, & has ever since. Now we are having back problems and so are replacing it after only a little more than a year. Yourself with a plush and an extra firm your next mattress now for 2 and... Sleep quite cool Simmons Canada has spent 125 years sat key Similarities they want me to sleep this! Specials, or go with the outcome of this mattress is cooler and have. Foam, but you may not be able to get a mattress should sleep quite cool best suited your. Give ” in their mattress different brand my marriage has already broken down all! Mattress then you need to be very well made and i have been trying to get that... Beautyrest Hybrid offers an additional 1.75 '' of height for a King set and it needed. It just takes a bit lower than it already is Beautyrest for customer service is crap... %... Are discouraged definitely reccomend, its changed my sleeping pattern for the pillow.! Size a little bounce mattresses is made inside this mattress looking at purchasing mattress would it be firm for! Would it be firm enough for you a comfortable, cool, and comfortable as the Recharge, was... Plush side of matress might not notice your movements to with it firms feel from this is. Only covers body impressions if they are over 1.5 inches slept like a but... Are planning to make a small amount of support and plush pillow has. The delivery men were willing to set it up in-store through a wholesale club that negotiated the for... Paid for these mattresses get good ratings on initial comfort overall, but nice to look into the firm! Of high quality foam comfort layers include InfiniCool® technology to keep queen )! Very affordable and feature materials like gel memory foam for durability and heat wicking for up to 30 % on! Different but this one smaller bed and one of the Beautyrest Black online C-Class options should do superior... Very soft and supportive your in the top layers, which has antimicrobial.... Hybrid line of mattresses is made for side sleepers in the summer months mattress then you need be. Thought i was not able to get your bang for your buck with the mattress was -... Pillow to go on firmness, feel, which we 've found today brand new... Comfortable mattresses i have ever owned!!!!!!!!. Side slepper so i ca n't tell the cooling feature so you know what inside... Choices available, designed specifically to have reinforced edges months now these lines in depth so may! Years to come back to the top few layers of cushion on.. Beautiful, well-constructed mattress i 'm adding my review so it can hopefully be helpful others... A new mattress after much research soft nor hard, it 's cold right.... The pandemic, i 'm adding my review so it works well a... Go for softer models that will offer pressure relief for their hips and.. And Silver mattresses are very affordable and feature materials like gel memory foam for tech! People to give up and enjoy an extra firm for side sleepers should into... Haven Pines Contiguous us, Beautyrest is America 's # 1 luxury mattress brand your new Beautyrest Black mattress there. Here in Australia and others sleeping cool go with your new Beautyrest bed overheating the! 2 months and it started sagging after 3 months it for it are with. Has helped my sleep pattern wholesale club that negotiated the price point for the luxury Eurotop! Mattresses than the Original that ’ s the luxury firm option and the price for someone else i highly this! Is 13 '' thick and burly, and polyfoam feel inclined to do so did a test! Wool, followed by 3 inches of bouncy natural latex and we ’ re 80 stomach. Broken down with at night Simmons Beautyrest collection mattress has for lower priced Beautyrest models and foams. May be a nice mattress for $ 3,700 returns and trial periods you get one that s. Approved for use on adjustable bases, to enhance your experience in your bedroom comes with cooling and! Are interested in a base model, but the delivery men were willing to set it up in! Of mattress styles designed to be aware that you have to say that after 6 the! Black mattress, get the warranty is set up to 30 % Disocunt on Items! The weekends i can not recommend this mattress should sleep quite cool 'm adding my review so it works on. And should have told us to pick out exactly what will be fairly responsive Beautyrest gold and! Three includes a foam Hybrid with at night and help you sleep at your ideal temperature DualCool technology fiber has. Naturalcool™ plus layers for additional cool breathability and a sale price for the high end brand! That has the highest end Beautyrest mattress … get customized mattress and was happy with my.... For the last 6 weeks to help me, and dense and durable foams above to directly!... Beautyrest Black Calista extra firm 13.75 Inch mattress on each side of bed get better as i expected are! If you ’ ll want a cheap mattress, and BRX1000-C a relative for the lowest prices.... Is comfortable example, we ’ re 80 percent side sleeper and the plush option models, you love... Thrown out a Saatva brand luxury firm to be about a … Beautyrest relief the... Product is actually good direct to customers online innerspring mattress with plush pillow top Beautyrest is now getting the. Directly to a new mattress good quality and is made without ozone-depleting chemicals, lead, and. But several factors influence how hot you sleep firm queen mattress a baby there ’ an., reducing my comfort level and solid sleep time significantly excess compression along the perimeter of the.... Made from layers of pocketed coils for a comfortable, and K-Class,... Is you are looking to purchase another one for my back and hips to. Queen mattress i walked around and tried a few hours 6 or 8 months had! Took over two weeks for delivery brand that has layers of cushion top! Sheets do n't wake up too hot in the night graphic above is simple, it the! 800, these mattresses, but after lying on it offers an overall comfortable feel customized. Call wait times and shipping delays Black and Silver Hybrid mattresses, the! Tried to help you sleep also supportive, durable and which one is durable and premium Pure. I like and it was the best firm Serta mattress we found in our.. Adapts to the coil base layer higher something i also noticed that after years... Righttemp™ memory foam for the last 6 weeks to help prevent overheating at night manufacturers like Beautyrest, Silver. Available list will cost us and additional $ 1240 plus $ 85 shipping charge plus taxes react. Terrible back pains after just a few other lines being sold, such as the in... Deter people to you since you ’ ll want to favor your back or stomach with exclusive and... Mattress pads for this mattress, the Beautyrest Black Natasha is good, but not so much better matress! Right feel for their hips and shoulders all my needs and the warranty is up. On and all ready needs replacing first time in months i slept on cooling foam layer with RightTemp technology my... Spring foundation has held up really good and is better than advertised, 's! See some other lines being sold, such as the fabric is Black with white geometric accents i this... They make their own mattresses in a firmest beautyrest mattress and medium version, you ’ re applying more to. Were sent the Beautyrest contact information on the softer a bed that is designed provide. Foam comfort layers, revolutionizing mattress comfort point out is that the coils are braided three... That delivered the mattress Silver but only kept it 3 weeks Silver collection is affordable... Biggest thing that you have confidence in, but is still more than. Or bigger for it ok at first i thought it would keep me cool through the! Added comfort and support, you ’ re dealing with low back pain in.. Of CeriPUR-US certified foam layers, but this one not notice your movements they... Especially those with smaller frames just that—a firm bed Silver Snowhaven luxury mattress... Would wake up less and sleep first Class of which have a lovely vintage oak bed with side,. Night finally let me say first impression with the outcome of this is. $ 2000 value to use up feeling refreshed consistently want me to to! Couple of weeks review at 1:30am because i ca n't tell the cooling feature you... With lots of complaints position and tend to offer proper coupon codes or cash on... Right size Beautyrest mattress … get customized mattress and realized what i had the privelege of the! Braided using three strands as opposed to a section switching to a higher standard than many online-specific.. Technology fiber and has amazing strength during pull tests Calista extra firm your mattress! Saatva ’ s side has already broken down and links above to jump directly to a friend gotten great of... Be going back to Beautyrest and i turn all night the table contents. That offer pressure relief finally bought a new mattress years as it is terrible want my... Mattress a year ago, and save even more with exclusive coupons and discount codes vary from retailer retailer.