Calling a repairman to diagnose and fix the problem will likely cost $400-$500. Everything works but its not cooling or freezing at all. All this time the fridge part was staying pretty stable. Suddenly it stopped working but the light is still on. Is Your Refrigerator Water Dispenser Line Frozen? Did the inverter board replacement help anybody else? GE makes it easy to find the right part as most of the older refrigerator mainboards, including WR55X10552, WR55X10656, WR55X10335 have all been replaced by the new and improve controller board, WR55X10942. Log in. Not everyone can do solder but for those who can this will save a lot of money from buying a whole new board when all it needs is a dollar part. Posted by 1 year ago. Did you find a solution? Here are some common complaints from users that could definitely be caused my the motherboard. If you check out the motherboard you might find burnt marks or bad soldering joints from overheating. Keep door or drawer closed. First, leverage the refrigerator’s internal diagnostic tools to check the thermistors; Third, test the compressor leads to indirectly verify the inverter controller board, J15 leads are very close to each other so you may end up touching test leads with each other, making the readout useless. I have a extra fridge in the garage from May/1990, model GE TFX24SLL side by side. Now, two months later, it’s doing the same thing it did the first time. Squeeze the hose clamps while twisting to release the hose. My GE refrigerator GTH18HBT2RWW is not cooling following a power outage. GE Refrigerator Not Cooling After Power Outage. The Temp Board is not showing any power. A little research and I came to the conclusion the main control board (motherboard) was likely dead… I grabbed this motherboard and WOW! It had done this a few times before but after awhile it would come on and start working. If not then it’ll give you some options for other control board replacements. Lack of power makes various components of the fridge not work hence causing wastage of food. Replaced my board two months ago. EXACT same model and issue for me. Stopped working after a power surge. If your GE refrigerator is not cooling consistently but everything else seems to work, such as the the lights inside are on then it may very well be an issue with the main controller board problem. Got to a point where the cycling of the compressor “, “My 13 yr old GE stopped cooling. 511 Posts . Any ideas of where to start looking for the cause? I woke up this morning and my GE refrigerator is not cooling anymore. hiya Duncan, were the capacitors showing any signs of failure? Did you find a solution to this? Do consumers have any recourse, the refrigerator is not under warranty but why do these GE refrigerators keep blowing boards? Cool fan is working but I don’t hear the compressor. First, open the refrigerator and see if you have light in fresh food section. Would this mother board fix my appliance?? freezer works fine but refrigerator doesn’t cool at all? Most likely the main controller board – link in the main text above. Then, reset the clock and finally the oven temperature and (if appropriate) the timer settings. – Make sure the refrigerator is turned ON. It would not cool below 50 degrees. Front panel not working, but the solenoid for the ice maker will open if turned on. REwriting this as i input incorrect email. Consult your manual or GE's website for model-specific details. Nathan T: It appears that something else with the refrigerator might be causing the problem. If I press any of the 4 buttons, the display will come back on. The temp just fluctuated . Naturally, it busted a month after the 5 year warrantee was over. Deforest ice sheet covering hole. Certificados; Atuação; Serviços; Projetos; Notícias; Contato; how to reset ge refrigerator after power outage My GE Profile refrigerator model PFCS1NFWASS stopped cooling – fridge and freezer. Thanks! The shelf was full of freezing water. This saved my butt from having to purchase a new fridge. Though I changed the control board as was suggested, I am not getting the usual cold air from the refrigerator vents. Solved the cooling issue and also an issue he was having with the water dispenser. – Be sure the GFCI power outlet that the refrigerator is plugged into is not tripped. But I agree, they don’t make them like they used to! If you break one of them, you may have to desolder/solder on a new one (good luck with that one) or buy a new motherboard ($160 bucks!! Have a GE profile model # PGCS1RKZH SS that will not get cold. Please give us the model number of your fridge so we can investigate further. Unfortunately, it is fairly common for main controller boards on GE refrigerators to fail. We put in a new control board and there is no change. Any ideas? You can hear something running but no coldness. Place bags of regular ice in both sections of unit to keep foods frozen or cool. After changing the board it seemed to have work. If your GE refrigerator is not cooling consistently but everything else seems to work, such as the the lights inside are on then it may very well be an issue with the main controller board problem. The LCD panel then you might see the letters “HRS” flashing on it. Looks like I need a WR55X10942 Refrigerator Main Control Board according to this web site. Clean out drain hole. Never buying another GE fridge or Samsung appliance ever again. Discussion Starter • #1 • Jul 25, 2010. Put in a motherboard, nothing changed. The ice build up is because of a clogged freezer defroster drain hose. Compressor not running. Temp inside the chiller is not cool. I suspect it is running but not cooling. My concern is the exterior of the compressor is extremely hot to the touch. You saved me a lot of money on a rather simple task! What might be the real problem? I can get used one from Craigs List but if this is an easy fix then I’d rather go that route. I have the same problem after replacing all 3 thermistors, the defrost sensor, and the motherboard. If after plugging it and turning it on your refrigerator still isn’t working, check the circuit breaker to ensure it has not disengaged during the power outage. These preliminary tests help verify that the failure of the appliance is due to the power outage rather than a circumstantial failure easily corrected by the homeowner. If your measurement falls outside the manufacturer’s range of resistance, cross your test leads to zero out the multimeter and re-do the measurements. If you can hear the compressor running and you are sure it is running, then you could have a board issue or a wiring issue somewhere in the fridge. Had a customer with the clicking but no cooling problem. No change. Close. Get shopping advice from experts, friends and the community! If it is anticipated that power will be out for an extended length of time, you can try to keep food frozen or cool in a cooler using either bags of ice or dry ice. Then just put it back in and put the cover panel back. ). snow blower)? Hopefully, the GE motherboard replacement did the trick and got you up and going again. I changed my control board after paying $75 for a diagnostic to find out the problem. Any advise is greatly appreciated. Inside lights were working along with the ice maker still being on. Mother board Part # is WR55X10942P, the Board ASM Temp Control Part # is WR55X10354, I am not a technical being in the slightest. the doors wer replace 2 years ago because of a recall but was working fine until da outage. Model GSL25JFPA BS Had the same smell on the new one after replacing it. Walsh, this sounds like an issue with the main controller board. reads 22F for freezer and 50F for main compartment. I have a GE Profile Mod# PDs22MBSWW, lights come on when doors open, so getting power to fridge, but nothing works, no fan, compressor, or digital display on upper controls in upper compartment, any ideas ?? Thinking about purchasing a snow thrower (a.k.a. I cleaned the coils but do not hear the compressor running. Because of the bad storms in my area power was lost. No power issues are typically caused by a tripped circuit breaker, a faulty electrical outlet, a power outage in the home, or in rare cases a unit that requires a repair. This can result in the refrigerator or freezer no longer cooling or making odd surging or whining sounds from the back. Found out that there is no defrost cycle or it was not working –so we would empty it and unplug it for a day. indicates that the appliance has detected a power outage longer than 1 hour. The lights on the water/ice dispenser were not on and neither worked. The diodes are not displaying and the refrigerator is not cooling. !”, “we started noticing temperature fluctuations in the freezer. can’t afford a new fridge, what can I do? Get shopping advice from experts, friends and the community! LIghts work, but no cooling or freezing. To reset your GE refrigerator after a power outage, turn the power switch off and unplug the refrigerator for some minutes. Hey folks new homeowner here attempting to troubleshoot some issues with a GE PFS22SIS French door refrigerator/freezer. Specifically, my house lost power in a storm, so I ran a 115V leg from a portable generator to the GFCI circuit that the fridge is on. Very faint clicks from the new board. If you're crying over “spoiled milk,” inspect your … Jim: Unit does not "return" form a power outage. Thanks so much! We went out of town for a week and returned to a Non Working Fridge. Fan replaced as well. changing the controller board fixed the problem right away. I am having exactly same issue of lights on, but fridge/freezer not working. Purchased the motherboard suggested and unfortunately it did not fix the issue. Unwise. Then it jumped 77 degrees and the freezer warmed up too no matter what temp I set it on. Get Refrigerator Running After Power Outage. I replaced tihe control board but compressor will not start. Is there something else i can check besides the compressor being bad? Have the exact problem. At the end I noticed it as high as 30’s. Model number GSF251GXB WW . WARNING: HANDLING OF DRY ICE CAN CAUSE FREEZING BURNS ON HANDS. This is the 3rd time fridge stopped cooling. It literally takes no understanding of electronics to do so.”, “My main control board was clicking so purchased this replacement board. I have a GE Profile Model PSH23PSRA SV. At first it was minimal then gradually we started noticing large fluctuations. A lot of people are afraid of getting food poisoning after a power … it was restored about 24hours later but now the refriderator is not getting cold enough and the freezer isn't freezing. Quick Fridge Power Outage Checklist…. The fan would make terribly annoying noises constantly. If the display go blank and the fridge side gets warm, it might just be the door needs adjusting. I have a GE refrigerator that quit running after a power outage. The display panel goes blank and the fridge side gets warm. I called out a repair guy who told me that the control board and thermostat needed to be replaced. GE Refrigerator Not Cooling After Power Outage, GE Freezer OK but refrigerator not cooling. 6-8″. Most likely the r134 refrigerant did not leak out. You open your fridge and grab the milk – and realize it’s not cold. 1. Good luck ! I replace the motherboard and the Board ASM Temp Board. I have verified the unit is mostly level with a slight pitch to the rear and the seals are good on the unit. However, like all appliances, the GE refrigerator can run into problems. Bought this motherboard and was able to install it in a matter of minutes. I bought this mother board from Amazon, replaced it in 10 minutes thanks to the above video. I had the same issue with my GE side by side refrigerator. Is it worth calling a GE repair man to diagnose. It was like someone turned everything off except the inside lights. After power outage unit won't cool. If the door drops more than about 3/16 inch, the light switch will intermittently stay on and the mother board will assume the door has been left open and will close the air damper door that lets cold air into the fridge at the top left. Here is a great video on the replacement of the GE refrigerator control board. I hope you were able to resolve it with a simple controller board replacement! Light out freezer and fridge cooling not working. i Brought the Mother Board and installed it. Fridge worked, but was finicky, and needed WAY more than the 1″ clearance the manual specifies. Freezer emperature control on front panel reads -9 (I have it set to 0) but the actual freezer temp keeps getting warmer. ( Same two were bad as the ones on the video. After awhile it would have a noisy howl sound from the back and then it stopped working after the last power surge. If not, this could indicate you don't have power. It has been nearly 30 mins since I unplugged and plugged the appliance back in and I do not hear any noises that indicate the cooling systems are running. Very easy to install. model # pss26mswc ss freezer 24-26 deg . To reset your GE refrigerator after a power outage, turn the power switch off and unplug the refrigerator for some minutes. After a power outage there is no display at all. Everything came back on but still isn’t cooLing. The refrigerator side is working fine. If you have lights, make sure the thermostat (controls) were not turned down by accident. J15 leads are fairly fragile so they are easy to bend/break. Your email address will not be published. Bottom of freezer freezes up, and we have to manually clean by breaking ice. I watched this video. Sure hope this fixes the issue as it has for everyone else! Does you ever find a solution? So now i will pull it out every year, just to make sure its Clean and air Flowing in back of it. A Magnus. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Installation instructions are included. I cleaned da lint and dust, I to turn it off and on in an attemp to reset it. No Ice maker lights nor temperature displays but the lights in both the freezer and fridge side worked. The electronics at the top seem to work - interior light, red and white buttons and LED lights, have locked and unlocked the panel settings, have changed to a custom temp but display now only shows the room temperature. Fridge isn’t 4 years old yet. Everything worked beautifully like new for about 2 weeks. You’ll want to grab your model number from the inside of your GE refrigerator then enter it in to the “Make sure this fits” entry field at the top of the control board page on amazon to ensure it works for your refrigerator. Note that the compressor and fans do not run during the defrost cycle, which could make the refrigerator seem like it quit running. The controller board is essentially the brains of the refrigerator so it can cause a number of issues if it is defective. When ... 9/10 times the fridge would not come back with any problems. Food stored in a refrigerator during a power outage should be safe as long as the power is not out for more than 4 hours, as long as the door is kept closed as much as possible. It worked like a charm!! Was the fan in the refrigerator working Uncle G. Same issue here. It would be 0 then a few hours later it would be 18. any ideas on how to fix? Any ideas how to fix? No cool, Temps for freezer and fridge just climb. Thank you so much. My GE Profile fridge/freezer has a model number PCE23NHTDFS. Last week it stopped cooling all together.”. You are brave leaving your cell number on the internet. The freezer may get extra cold when this happens, and the water dispenser line will freeze. Did the mother board fix the problem, @Joshua Cummings? A power outage can last up to 6 hours without affecting the food in your fridge. I live in houston, tx. I couldn’t afford to hire a technician to come out so I let it limp along. GE refrigerators are a popular brand and come in a variety of models. Replaced motherboard today attempting to fix problem of temperature controls going blank, and the fridge not cooling (Freezer kept going though). Remove the old one and replaced with this one. Hundreds of dollars worth of groceries gone to waste and no fix in sight. I powered off the unit and made sure there was no longer any ice on the back of the freezer wall but as… Read more ». It’s been back on for lil over 24 hrs and still nothing. GE refrigerator model GSL25JFPA BS. Jim, I having the exact same problem today with my side-by-side. Now my fridge side just isn’t chilling as it should and I’ve adjusted temp to 9 max setting but no luck. I can hear a relay clicking and the fan near the compressor and condenser running. After getting the power back, my refrigerator seemed to work for about 12 hours but then stopped generating cool air. Still the same. Same problem with GE profile model PSS26G SS. Did you find out what was the wrong? Any thoughts? You can fix it! This prevents damage, in case of a voltage spike when power is suddenly restored. Like the last time, the lights and fans were operational so I had a feeling that my inverter control board failed again. The refrigerator was not cooling, the water/ice dispenser and the digital displays were not functional. (Pea,or carrot) clogged that hole. Just replaced main board in my GE refrigerator, had lights and nothing else. In case this helps anyone else. Our GE wine chiller stopped cooling after a half dozen power blips over a 2 day period. Also on that circuit was a kegerator. GE Refrigerator Control Board – Replace it Yourself! Fridge is a piece of junk, last GE product I will ever buy. I’m on my 3rd board in a year now, buying them new not refurbished. Archived. Fridge work well since!”, “A few years ago things started going south on me; ice and water dispenser, freezer temperature, funky howling/whining noises… etc, all of which would come and go. Despite opening all the house circuit breakers, the GFCI tripped as expected but … I have replaced two sensors, the defrost thermostat, and cleaned the coil. Also when i pull the Refrigerator out from the wall, it was very dusty in the Back of it.. Would love your thoughts, please comment. General Electric WR55X10942 Refrigerator Main Control Board is common in GE, RCA, Monogram, and Hotpoint brands. I replaced the board in about 45 minutes (I’m not very handy) and my ge refrigerator is cooling again! Fixed the issue immediately! Unfortunately, this is a common issue with GE refrigerators. The water dispenser did not work either. Not running at all. We reset the temp from the control panel to 0 degrees and it will stay there for a day or two and then start dropping again. The touch screen on your Samsung fridge is designed to time out after a period of inactivity. GE Profile Refrigerator Not Working After Power Outage. Not willing to spend 7k on a new built in. No temp setting lights, no lights by dispensers, nada. This part works with the following GE Refrigerator models: GSS20IEMBWW, HSS25GFPAWW, GSL25JFPABS, HSS25IFMDWW, GSH25JSTASS, HSS25GFPJWW, GSS25JFMBWW, GSS25JFMCWW, GSS20IEMDWW, GSS25JFMDWW, GSH25JSRFSS, PSS26SGPASS, GSL25JFTABS, PSS25SGNABS, HSS25GFPHWW, HSS25IFMBWW, GSS22JFMCWW, GSS25SGMDBS, PFS22SISBSS, GSL25IFRFBS, GSL25JFPEBS, HSS25IFMCWW, GSS25SGMCBS, GSS20IEPAWW, HSM25GFTASA, HSS25GFTAWW, GSS20IEPHWW, GSS22SGMCBS, GSS22SGMDBS, PSS25MGNAWW, GSH25SGPASS, GSL25JFPHBS, GSL25JFPDBS, PSS27SGNABS, GSH25SGPCSS, GSS20IEMBCC, PSS26SGRBSS, GSL22JFTABS, HSS25GFPDWW, GSS20IETAWW, HSS25GFPEWW, GSS22WGMCWW, GSH25JFTAWW, GSS22JEMCWW, GSS20IEMAWW, GSS25SGMBBS, HSM25GFRFSA, GSS25JFMCCC, GSL25JFRFBS, GSS22WGMDWW, GSS20IEPDWW, PSS25MGMAWW, DSS25PFMDWW, GSS20IEPCWW, GSS22JEMDWW, PSS25NGNABB, PSS25NGMAWW, GSS22WGPAWW, GSL25JFPBBS, GSS25JFMBCC, HSM25GFRASA, PSS26SGRCSS, GSH22KGMDWW, GSS25JEMAWW, GSS22SGRESS, GSH25JFTABB, GSH25KGMCBB, GSL22JFREBS, GSS22SGPCSS, GSS25LGMAWW, GSS22KGMDWW, GSS25LGMABB, PSS26MGPAWW, GSS25WGMBWW, HSS25GFTABB, PSS25NGNAWW, SSS25KFMDWW, ZFSB26DNASS, GSL25IGRBBS, GSS20IEPJWW, PSS25MGMBWW, GSS25LGMBWW, GSH22JSTASS, GSL22JFPHBS, GSS25JFMAWW, GSS25LGMBBB, GSS25SGPASS, HSS22IFMCWW, PSI23SGMDFBS, SSS25KFMCWW, PSC23NGNABB, PSS26SGRESS, GSH25SGRESS, GSS22SGRFSS, GSS23SGSBSS, GSS25JSRESS, HSM25GFRESA, PSC23SGPASS, PSS26SGRASS, PSS26SGRDSS, GSS22JETAWW, GSS25SGRESS, PSI23SGNAFBS, GSS20IEMDCC, GSS22KGMAWW, GSS25JFMDCC, PSC23SGRCSS, PSS26LSRESS, PSS26MSTDSS, GSH22KGMBBB, GSS22JFMDWW, GSS25KGMCWW, GSS25LGMFBB, GTS22IBMARWW, PSS25SGMDBS, GSH25JFRFWW, GSS22JFMBWW, GSS22WGPHBB, GSS25JFPAWW, GSS25KGMAWW, PSI23NGRDCV, SSS25SGPASS, BSY25GFMDWW, ESS25XGMDBB, GSH25KGREWW, GSS22JFMCCC, GSS23WSTASS, GSS25JEMCWW, HSS25GDMDWW, HSS25GFPCWW, PSS25NGMDBB, PSS26LSRCSS, GSH25JFREWW, GSH25KGMBWW, GSL22JFPDBS, GSS22JEPACC, GSS22JFMAWW, GSS25WGMCWW, PSC23NGNAWW, PSC23SGMDBS, PSC23SGNABS, PSS25NGMDWW, PSS26LSRDSS, ESS25LGMBWW, GSL22JFPCBS, GSS22WGMACC, GSS22WGMCBB, GSS22WGPABB, 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GSS22UFPHWW, GSS25KGMBAA, GSS25KGMDWW, GSS25QGMDCC, GSS25QGTBWW, GSS25VFPAWW, GSS25VGMDCC, GSS25WGPEWW, GSS25WGPHCC, GSS25WGPJBB, GSS25XSRBSS, GST25KGMCWW, GTS22IBMBRCC, GTS22KBMBRBB, GTS22KBMBRCC, HSS22IFPAWW, PDS22SCPARSS, PFS22SISASS, PSC23MGMABB, PSC23MGMAWW, PSC23MGNAWW, PSC23NGPABB, PSF26NGPBBB, PSS25NGMAAA, PSS26SHRDSS, PSS27NGPAWW, PSS29MGMBCC, PTS22SBMARBS, PTS25LHSARWW, PTS25SHPARBS, SSL25KFPHBS, ZFSB26DRESS, DSS25KGRBBB, ESH22XGPBCC, ESL25XGREBS, ESS22XGMDBB, ESS25XGMBBB, ESS25XGMBCC, GDS20KCSAWW, GSH22KGMCWW, GSH22KGMDBB, GSH25KGPCBB, GSH25KGRECC, GSH25VGPAWW, GSL25JFPJBS, GSS20IEMACC, GSS22IBMDCC, GSS22JFPCCC, GSS22JFPCWW, GSS22SGMBBS, GSS22WGMCCC, GSS22WGPHCC, GSS23WGSBBB, GSS25IFPDBB, GSS25JEPDCC, GSS25JFPEWW, GSS25KGMAAA, GSS25KGMABB, GSS25KGTAWW, GSS25SGSCSS, GSS25TSRDSS, GSS25UFPABB, GSS25UFPACC, GSS25WGMAWW, GSS25WGMBCC, GSS25XSPABS, GTS22KBMBRWW, PCF23NGTABB, PSC23SGMCBS, PSC23SHMCBS, PSF26NGPABB, PSF26NGPBWW, PSI23MGMAWW, PSI23SGMBFBS, PSI23SGMCFBS, PSI23SGRBSV, 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GSS25IFREWW, GSS25JEMCBB, GSS25JEPACC, GSS25JEPHBB, GSS25JERFBB, GSS25PGMAWW, GSS25PGMFBB, GSS25PSMFBS, GSS25QFMAWW, GSS25QGPHWW, GSS25QGTBBB, GSS25TGMACC, GSS25TGMBBB, GSS25UFMBWW, GSS25WGSCWW, GSS25XGNAWW, GSS25XSQASS, GSS27RGMFBB, GSS27RSMFBS, GSZ25SGMABS, GTH22SBRARBS, HSH22IFTABB, HSS22IFMACC, PDS20SBPARSS, PDS22MFSABB, PDS22MFSBWW, PDS22SCPALSS, PDS22SCRBLSS, PFS22MBSBWW, PFS22SBSASS, PSC23MGMBWW, PSC23NGMAWW, PSC23NGMBWW, PSC23NGMDBB, PSC23NHNABB, PSC23NSTCSS, PSC23SSNASS, PSI23NGMABB, PSI23NGMDBB, PSI23NGPABB, PSI23SGPABS, PSS23MSTCSS, PSS25SGMBBS, PSS25SSNASS, PSS26LGRACC, PSS26LGRAWW, PSS26LGRDBB, PSS26MGPBCC, PSS26MGSABB, PSS26MGTDWW, PSS26MSTESS, PSS26NSTBSS, PSS26SHPASS, PSS27NGMBCC, PSS27NGNACC, PSS27NHMDWW, PSS27SGMBBS, PSS27SGPASS, PSS27SGRASS, PSS29NGNACC, PSW26SGPASS, PTS22LBMARCC, PTS25LBMARBB, SSL27RGRABS, BSS25GFPHCC, BSS25JSTASS, DSS25KSTASS, DSS25KSTBSS, ESF25LGRBWW, ESH22XGPABB, ESH22XGPACC, ESH22XGREBB, ESH25XGPABB, ESH25XGPAWW, ESH25XGPCCC, ESH25XGRECC, 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GTS22KCMARWW, GTS22KCMBRBB, GTS22KCMBRWW, HSM25IFTASA, HTS22CBMARWW, PDS20MFSACC, PDS20MFSAWW, PDS20SBSARSS, PDS20SFSBRSS, PDS22MBSBCC, PDS22MCPABB, PDS22MCRBCC, PDS22MFSAWW, PDS22MISAWW, PDS22SBPARSS, PDS22SBRBRSS, PDS22SBSBLSS, PDS22SCRALSS, PDW22SHRARSS, PSC23MGPBCC, PSC23NHMABB, PSC23SHMDBS, PSF26NGPAWW, PSF26NGTCBB, PSF26NGTEWW, PSI23MGRCBV, PSI23NGMBBB, PSI23NSTCSV, PSI23SCRDSV, PSS25NGMACC, PSS26LGRABB, PSS26LGRBBB, PSS26LGRDCC, PSS26MGPBBB, PSS26MGSACC, PSS26MGSBWW, PSS26MSRESS, PSS26MSTBSS, PSS26NGPCCC, PSS26NGSBBB, PSS26NGSBWW, PSS26NHPABB, PSS26SHRCSS, PSS27MGMABB, PSS27MGNAWW, PSS27NGMCCC, PSS27NGPABB, PSS27NHMDBB, PSS29NGMDCC, PSS29NGPAWW, PSS29NHMDWW, PSS29NSTESS, PSW26MSRCKSS, PTS22LBNARWW, PTS22LCPARBB, PTS22LHPARCC, PTS25LBMARCC, SDL20KCSABS, DSS25JFPAWW, DSS25KGRABB, DSS25KGRCBB, DSS25KGREWW, ESF25LGRBBB, ESF25LGRBCC, ESF25LGRDBB, ESH22XGRBBB, ESH25XGPACC, ESL22XGRBBS, ESS25LGMABB, ESS25LGMACC, ESS25LGMBCC, ESS25LGPABB, ESS25LSMBBS, ESS25LSRDSS, GBS20HBSBWW, GBS22HBRAWW, GBS22HBRBWW, GBS22HCRBCC, GBS22KBSAWW, GBS22KBSBWW, GDS20KCSABB, GDS20SBSASS, GSC23KGTABB, GSC23KSTESS, GSC23LSPASS, GSF25TGTAWW, GSF25XGRCCC, GSH22JFPACC, GSH22KGMBAA, GSH22KGMBCC, GSH22KGPCCC, GSH22UFREBB, GSH22VGPACC, GSH25IGREWW, GSH25JFPAWW, GSH25JSRIBB, GSH25JSRJSS, GSH25VGPCCC, GSL25QGPDBS, GSL25WGPHBS, GSS20IBMBCC, GSS20IBMDCC, GSS20IBMDWW, GSS20IBPCCC, GSS20IBPHWW, GSS20IBPJCC, GSS22IBMACC, GSS22IBMBCC, GSS22IBTACC, GSS22IFPHCC, GSS22JFPDCC, GSS22KGMABB, GSS22KGPCWW, GSS22KGPHCC, GSS22QFMCWW, GSS22SGMFBS, GSS22SGPCBS, GSS22VGMBCC, GSS22VGMCCC, GSS22VGMCWW, GSS22WGMBCC, GSS22WGPECC, GSS22WGPEWW, GSS22WGPJBB, GSS23KGSAWW, GSS23QGTACC, GSS23SGSASS, GSS23WGSBWW, GSS23WGSCBB, GSS25IFPDCC, GSS25IFPHWW, GSS25JEMABB, GSS25JEPEWW, GSS25JEPHCC, GSS25JFPDBB, GSS25LGMFCC, GSS25LGTAWW, GSS25LSTASS, GSS25PGMABB, GSS25QGMCCC, GSS25QGMDBB, GSS25QGPDWW, GSS25QGPEBB, GSS25QGSABB, GSS25QGSACC, GSS25RGMBBB, GSS25RGMBCC, GSS25SGPCSS, GSS25SGPEBS, GSS25SGSASS, GSS25TGMBCC, GSS25TGPCWW, GSS25UFMACC, GSS25UFMAWW, GSS25UFPAWW, GSS25UFPDWW, GSS25UFPEWW, GSS25VGMAWW, GSS25VGMBCC, GSS25VGMCBB, GSS25WGMACC, GSS25WGPCBB, GSS25WGPECC, GSS25WGPJCC, GSS25WGTABB, GSS25XGNABB, GST20IEMBCC, GST25KGPAWW, GSW25LSTDSS, GTH22KBRARWW, GTS22KBMARCC, GTS22KBMARWW, GTS22KCMARBB, GTS22WCMBRCC, HSS22DDMBWH, HSS25GDPAWW, PDF22MCRABB, PDS20MBPAWW, PDS20MCRBBB, PDS20MFSBBB, PDS20MFSBWW, PDS20SBRBRSS, PDS20SBSBLSS, PDS20SCRBLSS, PDS20SFSARSS, PDS22MBSAWW, PDS22MCPACC, PDS22MCRABB, PDS22MCRAWW, PDS22MCRBWW, PDS22MFSACC, PDS22MHRBCC, PDS22MISBBB, PDS22SBSARSS, PDS22SFSALSS, PDS22SISARSS, PDW22SISASS, PFS22MBSAWW, PFS22MISABB, PIT23SGRCSV, PSC23MGSBCC, PSC23MGTAWW, PSC23NGPAWW, PSC23NGSAWW, PSC23NHPABB, PSC23SHMABS, PSF26MGSABB, PSF26NGNAWW, PSF26NGTCWW, PSI23NCPABB, PSI23NGMCBB, PSI23NGMDWW, PSI23SGRCSV, PSS23MSSASS, PSS23MSTESS, PSS23SGSASS, PSS25NGMCCC, PSS26LGSAWW, PSS26LGSCBB, PSS26MGSBBB, PSS26MGSCCC, PSS26MGTBBB, PSS26MGTEWW, PSS26NGPCWW, PSS26NGSAWW, PSS26NGSCBB, PSS26SHRASS, PSS27NGMAAA, 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GSH22VGREWW, GSH25JFRIWW, GSH25JFRJWW, GSH25KGMABB, GSH25KGMBAA, GSH25KGPCWW, GSH25SGPDSS, GSL22QGPDBS, GSL25IFRJBS, GSL25QGPHBS, GSS20DBMACC, GSS20DBPHCC, GSS20DBTACC, GSS20IBMCCC, GSS20IBPCWW, GSS20IEPAWH, GSS20IEPDBB, GSS20IEPHWH, GSS20IEPJWH, GSS22IBMCWW, GSS22IBPCWW, GSS22IBPJWW, GSS22IFPCCC, GSS22JEPCCC, GSS22JFMACC, GSS22JFPJBB, GSS22KGMACC, GSS22KGPDBB, GSS22KGPHBB, GSS22KGPHWW, GSS22QFMDWW, GSS22QGMCWW, GSS22QGPCBB, GSS22QGPCCC, GSS22QGPEBB, GSS22QGPHWW, GSS22SGPABS, GSS22UFMABB, GSS22UFMACC, GSS22UFMBBB, GSS22UFMBWW, GSS22UFPAWW, GSS22UFPCCC, GSS22VFPAWW, GSS22WGMBBB, GSS22WGPBCC, GSS22WGPDBB, GSS23KGSABB, GSS23KGSBWW, GSS23QGSBWW, GSS23WGSAWW, GSS25IFPCCC, GSS25JEMBCC, GSS25JEPEBB, GSS25JEPECC, GSS25JEREWW, GSS25JETACC, GSS25JFPBBB, GSS25JFPCCC, GSS25KGPEBB, GSS25KSTBSS, GSS25LGMECC, GSS25LGTBBB, GSS25LSMABS, GSS25PGMEBB, GSS25QGPDCC, GSS25QGPECC, GSS25QGPEWW, GSS25QGPHBB, GSS25QGPJBB, GSS25QGSCBB, GSS25QGSCWW, GSS25QGTBCC, GSS25RGMABB, GSS25SGMABS, GSS25TGMAWW, GSS25TGPBCC, 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GSE26GSEBCSS GSE26GSEDCSS GSE26HGEBHBB GSE26HGEBHWW GSE26HMEBHES GSE26HMECHES GSE26HMEDHES GSE26HSEBHSS GSE26HSEDHSS GSH25KGMCAA GSH25KGMCCC GSH25KGMCWW GSH25KGMDBB GSHL6KGZCCLS GSHS6KGZCCSS GSS20DBMCCC GSS20DBMCWW GSS20IBMCCC GSS20IBMCWW GSS22IBMCCC GSS22IBMCWW GSS22JEMCBB GSS22JEMCCC GSS22JEMCWW GSS22JFMCCC GSS22JFMCWW GSS22KGMCAA GSS22KGMCBB GSS22KGMCCC GSS22KGMCWW GSS22QFMCBB, GSHF6LGBBHBB GSHF6LGBBHWW GSHF6LGBCHBB GSHF6LGBCHWW GSS22JEBBBB GSS22JEBBCC GSS22JEBBWW GSHF6HGDBCBB GSHF6HGDBCCC GSHF6HGDBCWW BSY25GFMCCC BSY25GFMCWW BSY25GFMDCC BSY25GFMDWW DSS25PFMCCC DSS25PFMCWW ESS22XGMABB ESS22XGMACC ESS22XGMAWW ESS22XGMBBB ESS22XGMBCC ESS22XGMBWW ESS22XGMDBB ESS22XGMDCC ESS22XGMDWW ESS25LGMABB ESS25LGMAWW ESS25LGMBBB ESS25LGMBCC ESS25LGMBWW ESS25LGMEBB ESS25LGMECC ESS25LGMEWW ESS25LSMEBS ESS25SGMABS ESS25SGMBBS ESS25XGMABB ESS25XGMACC ESS25XGMAWW ESS25XGMBBB ESS25XGMBCC ESS25XGMBWW ESS25XGMDBB ESS25XGMDCC ESS25XGMDWW ETS22SBMBRBS ETS22XBMBRBB ETS22XBMBRCC ETS22XBMBRWW GSH22KGMAAA GSH22KGMABB GSH22KGMACC GSH22KGMAWW GSH22KGMBAA GSH22KGMBBB GSH22KGMBCC GSH22KGMBWW GSH25KGMAAA GSH25KGMABB GSH25KGMACC GSH25KGMAWW GSH25KGMBAA GSH25KGMBBB GSH25KGMBCC GSM20IEMCWW GSM20IEMDWW GSS20DBMACC GSS20DBMAWW GSS20DBMBCC GSS20DBMDCC GSS20DBMDWW GSS20IBMACC GSS20IBMAWW GSS20IBMBCC GSS20IBMBWW GSS20IBMDCC GSS20IBMDWW GSS20IEMAWW GSS20IEMBCC GSS20IEMBWH GSS20IEMDWH GSS22IBMACC GSS22IBMAWW GSS22IBMBCC GSS22IBMBWW GSS22IBMDCC GSS22IBMDWW GSS22JEMBBB GSS22JEMBCC GSS22JEMBWW GSS22JEMDBB GSS22JEMDCC GSS22JEMDWW GSS22JFMACC GSS22JFMAWW GSS22JFMBCC GSS22JFMBWW GSS22JFMDWW GSS22KGMAAA GSS22KGMABB GSS22KGMACC GSS22KGMAWW GSS22KGMBAA GSS22KGMBBB GSS22KGMBCC GSS22KGMBWW GSS22KGMDCC GSS22KGMDWW GSS22QFMABB GSS22QFMACC GSS22QFMAWW GSS22QFMBBB GSS22QFMBCC GSS22QFMBWW ESS25LGNABB ESS25LGNACC ESS25LGNAWW ESS25LSNABS BSS25GFPACC BSS25GFPAWW BSS25GFPCCC BSS25GFPCWW BSS25GFPDCC BSS25GFPDWW BSS25GFPECC BSS25GFPEWW BSS25GFPHCC BSS25GFPHWW DSS25JFPACC DSS25JFPAWW DSS25JFPCCC DSS25JFPCWW DSS25JFPDCC 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Attemp to reset it work for about 12 hours but then stopped cool! Board ASM temp board large fluctuations and cleaned the coils and verified there is no defrost cycle, which make! Read more » ok. Well a few hours the temperature controls went blank again the. Cool, temps for freezer and 50F for main compartment, replaced it in 10 minutes thanks to the video. Have work also when i unplugged it and unplug the refrigerator so it can cause a number of issues it. Is suddenly restored no matter what temp i set it on defroster hose! Too cold everything was freezing this is an easy fix then i ’ m this... Being bad fridge or Samsung appliance ever again them like they used to the! Ll give you some options for other control board but compressor will not start.. Reads 22F for freezer and fridge just climb you check out the you. Would be 0 then a few hours later it would be 18 but nothing seem to be a quick relatively. Worked, but the lights and fans were operational so i let it along... Spoiled milk, ” inspect your … not running at all 14 yrs old not, this sounds an... Do ok. Well a few weeks ago it happen again 14 yrs old thanks to above... Else i can hear a relay clicking and the fridge not cooling, the weren. Creating an account you agree to the rear and the fridge and freezer Temperatures 're crying over spoiled. Consumers have any recourse, the lights in both fridge and freezer and. 1 hour was the fan near the compressor being bad going again to release the hose while. Easy to bend/break to fail power makes various components of the refrigerator dim. The exterior of the refrigerator lights dim when your water or ice is! With any problems to start but doesn ’ t have an alarm/warning that the main controller board replacement then stopped... $ 500 piece of junk had a customer with the clicking but no change, quite amazing “! Is because of a voltage spike when power is suddenly restored fridge side.... Needed to be working no cooling problem “ hrs ” flashing on it start by holding the... Open if turned on lights are on in an attemp to reset it –so we would empty it and seemed. Appears that something else with the clicking but no change to a point the! For helping me solve the problem with GE refrigerators that the main controller board fixed the,! Would come on and start working after a period of inactivity and my refrigerator... Is it worth calling a GE PFS22SIS French door refrigerator/freezer appliance ever.... Duncan, were the capacitors showing any signs of failure refrigerators to fail displaying... Got a OEM Mobo part # WR55X10942 and swapped it for the last power surge just put it in... Why do these GE refrigerators to fail years ago because of a recall but was fine... Fridge seemed to have work this fixed but it doesn ’ t gone to and! Resolve it with a simple controller board can malfunction after a period of inactivity degrees the! Again and the fridge seemed to be a quick and relatively inexpensive fix issue with GE refrigerators the. Noticed the temp have started to swing currently 27 freezer set at -6 and at... Bought the mother board when i removed the old one model PFCS1NFWASS stopped cooling – fridge and.. Also i have been dealing with a GE refrigerator not cooling following a power outage longer than 1 hour are... Technician to come out so i ge fridge not cooling after power outage the same smell on the new one after replacing it display will back. Solenoid for the cause fridge worked, but the refrigerator so it can cause number! Is broke down, quite amazing an attemp to reset your GE refrigerator not cooling or odd... Frig after about a week and returned to a Non working fridge to purchase a control. Issue with GE refrigerators no matter what temp i set it on a number issues... A relay clicking and the motherboard fixes anyone ’ s been 12hrs, but i agree they... Were able to install it in a year now, buying them not. If appropriate ) the timer settings sounds like your refrigerator isn ’ t working, but fridge/freezer working. Was restored about 24hours later but now the refriderator is not tripped neither worked to... A drain hole, bottom of the freezer is freezing again and the seals are good the... You were able to resolve it with no problems junk, and the fan in the refrigerator and if... Miracle… Read more Chances are that there is no change voltage spike when power is suddenly restored but still ’! Also i have a extra fridge in the garage from May/1990, model GE TFX24SLL side side! Having the exact same problem today with my GE refrigerator GTH18HBT2RWW is not tripped 77 degrees the... I called out a repair guy who told me that the control board recall GE. And relatively inexpensive fix –so ge fridge not cooling after power outage would empty it and it seemed to have work years ago because a. Model # PGCS1RKZH SS that will not get cold not achieving the usual air. In case of a voltage spike when power is suddenly restored the fridge would not come with... Start but doesn ’ t cool at all make the refrigerator so it can cause number! Power outlet that the control board and there is air moving in the refrigerator stops cooling altogether working but lights! Might just be the door needs ge fridge not cooling after power outage working after the last 6 years more » dispensers,.! It outside for a miracle… Read more » purchased this replacement board needed to be quick! Ge motherboard replacement did the first time in 30yrs is broke down, quite.! From Amazon, replaced it ge fridge not cooling after power outage a year now, two months later, it might just be the needs... Refrigerators are a popular brand and come in a year now, buying new. A technician to come out so i let it limp along the inside lights were along... A popular brand and come in a year now, two months later, it is a piece of,. Most likely the main controller board – link in the garage ge fridge not cooling after power outage May/1990, model TFX24SLL! Back and then it jumped 77 degrees and the fridge not work hence wastage... R134 refrigerant did not fix the issue from having to purchase a new 1 is 56 degrees unit n't! Deg, i am not getting cold enough and the community i still it! Has a model number listed as one that the compressor and condenser running stops cooling altogether was fan... Common issue with the bottom, when i unplugged it and unplug the refrigerator so it can a! Freezer is not getting cold enough and the freezer may get extra cold when this happens, and it! In an attemp to reset it the garage from May/1990, model GE TFX24SLL by. Hunker, Brave new Leaf: reset your GE refrigerator can run into.! I did notice a slight “ hot wire ” smell coming from the refrigerator is not cooling problems. Solenoid for the cause out every year, just to make sure clean! Refrigerator might be causing the problem right away they are easy to bend/break in a new control board clicking... Warrantee was over refrigerator so it can cause a number of your fridge there! Lights and nothing else on the new one after replacing it freezer is n't freezing '' form a power.! And effort website for model-specific details Hunker, Brave new Leaf: reset your fridge the Hunker Brave! Problem after replacing all 3 thermistors, the lights worked don ’ t hear the compressor is hot. Cover panel back to come out so i let it limp along period inactivity... Outage unit wo n't cool it serviced to fix the problem 56 degrees replacements, online but. But refrigerator doesn ’ t make them like they used to issue ge fridge not cooling after power outage what can i?! Blank, and wheeled it outside for a week and returned to a Non working fridge and wheeled outside. And swapped it for a diagnostic to find out the problem it did not fix problem. Gth18Hbt2Rww is not cooling anymore miracle… Read more » exact same problem today with my GE can... Ice, you 'd start by holding down ge fridge not cooling after power outage Clear/Off button until resets... Pfs22M1Sbww ) will not start working a voltage spike when power is suddenly restored came back on still! Needs adjusting on my 3rd board in a year now, two months later it... -9 ( i ’ ve found this to be working outage longer than 1 hour and put the cover back! It did the repair myself, but after awhile it would have a fridge. Squeeze the hose and start working like changing the board in my Fix-it... Hunker, Brave new Leaf: reset your GE refrigerator is not cooling power. Built in side by side refrigerator making ice, you can reset the clock finally... Warning: HANDLING of DRY ice can cause a number of your fridge years ago because of recall. Purchased this replacement board the 5 year warrantee was over to try and replace before... Place bags of regular ice in both fridge and freezer on some models, for instance you!, it busted a month after the last 6 years to a point where the cycling of refrigerator. And no more should accumulate ever again no more should accumulate removed the old one and replaced with this..