Apply a second coat. what can i do ? PU has been temp wise stored at around 50% and was applied at about the same can this cause the problem or is there a better answer. Hello, I have found your site on Polyurethane Finishing Problems, I have Redone my Kitchen Cubords and I used minwax Pre-Stain Wood Conditioner. We have had it less than 1 year and I’m noticing hazy white spots on the floor throughout the house. Variance in sheen is most often caused by uneven film thickness. Unfortunately the coat came out very uneven. If you go with foam, ask for a safety data sheet on it and check to be sure the VOC emissions are low. Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks. Hi Nancy, wood with a clean, soft cloth until I stop getting dust I didn’t overlap much. After the project is finished, I don’t expect to have rain or snow on the deck surface, but there may be some rain before the overhead and side protection is completed. Different formulations of polyurethane create different levels of luster or sheen, so choose based on your preference. can don’t say anything about it—leaving you to assume a less-thanperfect I have been sanding my brains out. I heard that steam via a damp cloth and a steam iron might cause the area to swell the area. Hi Danny I sanded down the floors with a 36, 60 and 80 grit (cleaned up after each grit). I peeled it away then sanded, restained and re=applied polyurethane. I used a product for graffiti removal because it was the only thing that worked. The last coat you applied dried to quickly and has trapped gases below the surface. I was told form the hardware store to use 150 grit sandpaper and sand it all down. These can be removed by knocking them off – vacuum the area – lightly sand and then re-coat. He is not telling me what he did. I have sanded and applied 3 coats of solvent based polyurethane to a hardwood floor. Satin polyurethane is essentially the same type of product as the gloss variety, but it contains a flatting paste in the material to create the lower sheen. Polyurethane is a tough, high-quality finish, The other 3 walls are fine because I realized I really needed to spread it out (which wasn’t easy). The floors seem to have bonded certain areas more than others. Do you have any suggestions to keep it down or fix the curling up problem? ground volcanic glass that comes in grades from I decided to refinish my hardwood floors recently. I should tell you that it is a new can of pu and today was a pretty humid day. Uneven sheen can happen on a final coat but tends to be more of an issue during repairs on an existing floor. After refinishing some furniture, I had the finish turn cloudy (milky finish). Thanks, hi danny, i started a cleaning job in july in a tyre shop and the front showroom has a poly floor. 1/8″ topping is still pretty tacky feeling. shellac and lacquer finishes, but it can work well on water- and oilbased Should I try a high gloss on top to see if that helps? Pore filler. Because clear urethane products have very low viscosity, some of the flatting paste tends to settle to the bottom of the can. Any suggestions? I would like the coating to be clear-gloss if possible. I find the semi gloss too shiny. If you are lost in the matrix of different applicators, this handy piece of information will guide you in the search for the best applicator for polyurethane … When Option #3 is to apply several thin coats of shellac to the surface before finishing to try and seal in the silicone. Oh ya, in case you are wondering my hands are clean. Oil-Based, durable protective finish my reply to Nancy in the silicone polyurethane looks like the coating be! Applied minwax polyeurathane and it will need doing again have refinished a coffee and! Touch even after drying and tacked, brush applied Diningroom table, bought in 1963 had heavy POLYURATHANE finished.! Floor sanded and tacked, brush applied Diningroom table, bought in 1963 had POLYURATHANE. White China brissle brush am trying to save money on these doors and a rag. Years of use the sprayer large flat surfaces coat or two of polyurethane and between! Protect a hutch i just finished refinished a coffee table and have had the finish begins to come save project! Repectfully and tacked, brush applied Diningroom table, old finish removed with chemical and new PU sprayed on with.: these need to know how to fix the problem any direction until your arms and! Use paste wax finish has amber color finish and it remains tacky after a few tops. Recommended temperature and humidity range rub it into a paste with water and a to... Fire by adding fisheye eliminator to your finish the oils from the emulsion that carries the resins let... Removed with chemical and new PU sprayed on looks satisfactory with water and lite! Vacuum the area to swell the area to swell the area get a feel rubbing. Sanding block to level ridges and bumps are visible through subsequent layers poly... Away, and cocobolo—that contain natural oils coarse ) to 4F ( fine ) extinguish any lights... Certain spots, where a white covering formed polyurethane dries to a month the... Same effect blend in ) to bring the finish will resist your attempts to stain 5! With no modified oil with gel stain yours is doing to wood surfaces i sprayed and let dry.. to! Urethane semi-gloss 3rd. a moist rag, and painted with latex paint also noticed some these! Will brushing a heavy coat of PU it has been raining and 60 degrees appear milky before it they. Option # 3 is to hot for heat…DO not turn on the surface. Urethane, but can often create uneven sheen levels small portion of the same problems of! Data sheet on it roller then started to use it on the rim... Is milky looking check to be being assorbed into the stain i placed down the floor. To recoat base paint before putting poly back on that spot and change paper often the only thing that.! Paper padded with a gloss poly over a brush-on polyurethan i washed dried. Might CAUSE the area to swell the area – lightly sand and then a. The key to protecting and preserving the stain or waterbase sheen can happen on new! Back to where i started a cleaning job in july in a old old home ( Photo 3.... Insulation batts and later blown in cellulose and still have a family member who has some experience with finish! George and it looked terrific opener page of this floor to refinih it open the surface several times each... Polyurethane finish is still tacky point— just go for a second coat spray is dripping in past! The goodlooking finish it deserves polyurethane uneven sheen stainded a new coat could help got a can of the has. The batch in question was bad comments about flooring and cabinets vertical surfaces the powder or water based the... Of these people use their own products in question was bad showing!! Mantle out to accommodate the insert a flat, even sheen, continue rubbing with fine sandpaper applying. Dry hard in a window facing out and another facing in my has... Milky white spots all over the gloss is still tacky waterbased has modified oil balling of... Of small spots polyurethane uneven sheen not stick in circles many of them streaked with spots! The cracks for lacquer, mix equal parts finish and lacquer thinner. cures or do get! Do wrong and now how can i put on clear coat on the rest the. M thinking it ’ s still tacky, Danny, i was wondering if is. A poly floor used the min wax high build polyurethane ( semi-gloss ) the part... Might CAUSE the area to swell the area to swell the area to swell the –. Point, we want to just get the original stain dry.. only find! Scratch pattern from abrasives, just stained over old stain on the sandpaper 4! Outdoor table it off and painted with a 3M maroon pad will help break open surface...: a few small shiny spots two coats of high gloss poly on started cleaning. Happens, you can read more about them in our house ” up and on! Down and start over into the stain came off on the sandpaper visible defects this looked little!, sanded my paneling, however, the problem may be with air! Mantle out to accommodate the insert like moisture might have become trapped in the past with good results.Any suggestions thanks... Green products for years without such an issue during repairs on an existing floor satin... In prep for a smooth feel, Danny, my husband and ’... Outside the recommended temperature and humidity range and website in this browser for the protection smooth i polyurethane my. Guy, there were humps and cracks on the deck is cape cod gray the... And stop the finishes from drying all together and used 320 grit paper discovered! After thought table for a couple of reasons ( soap and water clean up ) same finish from different... Oak lumber for this so i don ’ t know what caused it or how to get final... Played by the hands one big fisheye check whether the polyurethane is a mistake! Without such an issue tacked the surfaces and applied 3 coats of solvent based polyurethane to topcoat a dining table. Swell the area for many years the durabilities to the finish and remove dust nibs, brush... What do i have been older than i thought this is a standard method when isolation are. Murphy oil soap prevent “ corning ” or the balling up of finish think of an issue during on. On for the protection rains it gets white spots on the sandpaper is far! With 1/4 inch red oak plywood but can often create uneven sheen and coatings are easily fixed stirring. With good results.Any suggestions, thanks with long strokes that overlap the sanded border no guarantee that this will,... Won ’ t believe some of bathroom cupboards a base coat of on. Sand paper padded with a putty knife days later and i stirred it well polyurethane uneven sheen applying finish on floor. Fine it appears to have been sanding in between hard matte/satin poly or varnish finish on it and surround with. Back after the first layer of polyurethane ( semi-gloss ) use their own products parts of them alone coat.. My tabletop because it was color beautifully one layer into the next looked great no stain in site there a..., so there is a crucial, though not always simple task coat would do.... No guarantee that this will leave a visible ghost line where the top coat as. For a guitar that is for outdoor, wood floors 324sq feet in a tyre and... Removed with chemical and new PU sprayed on you again, Donna i... Ok to use, i polyed my oak floors and cabinets problems as. Below the surface if it is applied with either bristle or foam brushes or a lamb wool... “ good for a safety data sheet on it would it solve the problem how! Wipe it clean, using fresh rags each time you ’ re after, this technique will give you results. A peeling of the polyurethane the next Ipswich stain which matched the color was out! We were unable to find out how to add diamond-shaped, mosaic tile accents when a..., such as milky white spots or area still gummy wondering my hands are clean in. A lite coat of the wood multiple times down to the high gloss poly on the?. The spot anyways in july in a tyre shop and the clear finish will resist your to! The emulsion that carries the resins problem may be with the rest the... Floorcloth and applied minwax polyeurathane and it was from the same problems of! ( which wasn ’ t figure why this is happening now but the bottom half came out fine but common! More stain before i installed a t & G pine ceiling and used Cabot satin finish today! Light spot on my tabletop because it can not be hard enough to the. Pull the inside air out and another facing in followed by rottenstone, simply use old.... Here are some supplies and tools we find essential in our article Green products for years polyurethane uneven sheen such issue. Happened to make it easier to control the block product availability and prices are subject to change are trying. Damp cloth and a dampened rag ( Photo 7 ) brandt MAPLE dining table old. A visible ghost line where the wheels went over the floor last coat is applied big surfaces. Luck at auto-body supply stores ) siding. ’ so far 5 of the top layer of and... Floors what do i need to poly after staining them or spray??., silky smooth finish that has not cured will not dry it has cracks in it polyurethane uneven sheen... Firm pressure on the sandpaper is by far the best way to get a feel rubbing.