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3 Takeaways from our Client Satisfaction Survey

By Melissa Baratta | On February 2, 2015

Being a good PR executive first means being a good service provider. As an agency, we put a lot of emphasis on providing excellent client service – being trusted advisors, counselors and partners. We focus on cultivating strong relationships with our clients on a daily basis, but sometimes it helps to take a formal temperature check on how things are going and where we can improve. That’s why at the end of every year, we ask our clients for their honest, direct feedback on their experience with our team, what they value most about the agency relationship and the quality of service they have received.

Soliciting feedback through a survey is a great way to get insight on what’s important to clients, and the responses we get are sometimes surprising.

Here are a few takeaways we learned from this year’s survey:

  1. Creativity is Crucial

Whether it’s providing new ideas for media pitches, launching a creative social media campaign or finding out of the box ways to get a company in front of its target audiences, clients crave creativity. A steady flow of fresh ideas and a proactive approach are key to keeping a PR program vibrant. Our clients appreciate account teams that take initiative, push them when they need a nudge, and consistently provide a new opinion or fresh look on an old concept.

  1. Industry Expertise Outweighs Program Execution

Hands down one of the top criteria clients use when selecting an agency is industry expertise and leadership. Particularly in the B2B tech and healthcare spaces, businesses, products/services and the competitor landscape can be complicated and technical, so having a firm grasp on the industry is crucial to providing strategic guidance and counsel. Being able to execute a program is of course important, but clients aren’t looking for taskmasters. They want partners, advisors – executives with strategic insight who can help them make decisions rather than wait for instructions.

  1. Being Available Matters

PR is a 24×7 business. The news cycle runs around the clock, social media is never quiet and crises don’t always hit between 9-5. Clients sometimes have to navigate challenging waters outside of business hours, and they count on their agency being there to support them. They like working with a team so they have access to at least one person at all times, and they appreciate it when a team member is willing to jump on a call in the evening or respond to important emails over the weekend.

Melissa Baratta

Melissa is a Senior Vice President at Affect, where she uses her extensive background working with technology and healthcare companies to raise her clients’ brand profiles and position them as thought leaders in their respective industries. As an expert in stakeholder communications, she is adept at helping clients develop creative ways to communicate thoughtfully with their key audiences. Prior to joining Affect, Melissa served as Managing Director for Ricochet Public Relations.