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3 Ways to Keep Your Communications Plan Hot

By Melissa Baratta | On July 13, 2015

With summer officially upon us, many companies tend to lay off the pedal when it comes to marketing and communications. It can be tough with a rotating schedule of vacations, holidays, and early release days to keep that marketing plan running at full throttle – but summer is actually one of the best times to engage your target audience. Just because customers or prospects are on vacation doesn’t mean they aren’t checking social media or reading the news. Here are three things you can do to keep your communications plan hot this summer:

  1. Rev up Social Media

Really, no one takes a break from social media, regardless of whether they’re on vacation, so social is an ideal way to keep in touch with your target audience throughout the summer. Even if your marketing team is on vacation, you can pre-load content into Hootsuite or another social tool to keep things running. To rev up the program, consider:

  • Healthcare Companies: There are an endless number of holidays, health walks, philanthropic events and awareness days happening throughout the summer, which you can leverage for social media content. Whether it’s discussing advances in cancer care around Light the Night events or sharing heart healthy recipes for 4th of July and Labor Day BBQs, there are tons of opportunities for social interaction during the summer.
  • Tech Companies: Have you ever launched on online contest? Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and others all have opportunities to host contests, and this is a great way to engage audiences you might otherwise have a hard time connecting with over the summer. B2C companies can use contests to interest consumers in their newest products or gadgets, and B2B companies can offer free services to attract untapped customer bases.
  1. Write More Bylines

Reporters go on vacation too, so in the summer many publications are hungry for additional contributed content. Use this time to get your foot in the door with publications you haven’t worked with yet, or push out a new message you want to get traction with. Most outlets will give you a 4-6 week runway if you need it, so if you pitch them now, you won’t have to deliver the content until August. Now is the time to start reaching out so you can get into the summer publishing queue.

  1. Invest in Paid Search

Putting some additional investment behind Google AdWords and SEO during the summer months can drive more web traffic and position you ahead of competitors in online searches. Take a good luck at your SEM strategy and evaluate where you can make adjustments or additional investments for the summer – some extra budget now could result in significantly more leads and customers rolling into Q4.

Melissa Baratta

Melissa is a Senior Vice President at Affect, where she uses her extensive background working with technology and healthcare companies to raise her clients’ brand profiles and position them as thought leaders in their respective industries. As an expert in stakeholder communications, she is adept at helping clients develop creative ways to communicate thoughtfully with their key audiences. Prior to joining Affect, Melissa served as Managing Director for Ricochet Public Relations.