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Got New Year’s Resolutions? They’re Great for Your Company, Too.

By Alex Goldman | On January 15, 2016

Happy 2016! While many of us have just set our personal new year’s resolutions with goals to spend extra time with family, read more books for pleasure, or hit the gym on a regular basis, we at Affect thought that it would be just as important to set resolutions for the company as a whole.

From our experience, having new and exciting shared goals is a great way to lift the team’s spirits, motivate, and get on a path to reaching new heights when it comes to both our clients and ourselves. Here are some of the resolutions that the team at Affect will be pursuing in the new year:

  • Pour on the creativity. In 2016, we resolve to dedicate additional time to churning out never-before-done ideas that wow our clients. With visual and interactive components rising in popularity, we’ll look to incorporate more creative elements to supplement traditional media relations efforts.
  • Get together more outside of work. It’s easy to get caught up in a busy day, but it’s also important to enjoy your work environment and coworkers’ company. Whether it’s a happy hour or a team lunch at our favorite local spot, this year we’ll be aiming to make more time for bonding activities outside of work.
  • Be awesome. This year, confidence is key. As a team, we all agreed to boost our confidence levels, challenging ourselves to let our inner expertise roar louder than ever. This means fearlessly suggesting new ideas and achieving above and beyond for the company and for clients.  
  • Lift the laughter metric. It’s often said that “laughter is the best medicine.” A big part of being a team that works great together is being a team that smiles and laughs together. This year, we’ll be putting extra emphasis on making each other smile, cracking that corny joke and each contributing to a fun and joyous office environment.

We hope that you enjoyed checking out our resolutions for 2016, and that these inspire you to set a few of your own at your company!

Alex Goldman

Alex Goldman is an Account Executive at Affect and works closely with her clients on day-to-day account activities, as well as assisting the communications team in carrying out long-term goals. In her role as Account Executive, Alex plays a key role in administrative support, research, reporting, proactive and reactive media outreach and content creation. Prior to joining Affect, Alex was an Account Manager at TRUST where she helmed multiple B2B client accounts for brands in the tech, ad and film industries. Alex received her B.S. in Media, Culture and Communications from New York University.