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Healthcare Media Watch: Three Spots that Should Be on Your List

By Jenna Saper | On June 3, 2016

We’re constantly on the hunt for new and different ways to get our clients into the media. It’s not easy breaking out of the mold of what works and exploring new avenues, but the reward is worth the risk. Particularly in a vertical market like healthcare, where media opportunities often come in the form of byline articles, it’s important to assess what alternatives exist in order to gain maximize exposure in a way that’s creative – but first and foremost, aligns with business objectives. Based on what we’re experiencing with our work in the healthcare sector, here are three media spots that should be on your target list:

Modern Healthcare’s Executive Interview Podcast

In today’s media landscape, podcasts are quickly replacing radio interviews. For ones that are housed on a prominent industry outlet like Modern Healthcare, the exposure is highly targeted to your audience; there’s also the added bonus of the podcast write-up being searchable online, and not just fading into the abyss once the interview is over. This podcast also features some big industry names like EmblemHealth, the FDA and Yale-New Haven (Conn.) Health System.


This healthcare and medicine-focused site produced by the Boston Globe is gaining popularity by the day. Their tone is more Millennial-oriented than most healthcare trade outlets and they’re not afraid to “go there” with bold and controversial headlines. They also host a podcast called “Signal” where they examine provocative topics like “sexism in biotech” and refer to cancer as a “dirty gangster ninja.” Despite their edginess, they produce quality pieces of journalism in layman’s terms, making them an ideal media target for many healthcare organizations.

New York Times: The Upshot

While not solely focused on healthcare, this New York Times blog is keen on data visualization, and in the healthcare industry where information can be complex, graphs and Infographics are key to reader comprehension. Needless to say, getting into the New York Times is a coup for any company, but this outlet is a great target for modern healthcare talk.

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Jenna Saper

Jenna is an Account Supervisor at Affect, where works closely with her clients on day-to-day account activities and assists the communications team in carrying out long-term goals. Jenna is primarily responsible for media relations and content development. Jenna joined the Affect Team from Hill+Knowlton Strategies, where she was an assistant account executive in the Corporate Communications department.