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Highlights from Verizon’s 2016 Data Breach Investigations Report

By Lulu Li | On May 5, 2016

Every year, the industry looks to Verizon for key security statistics and to report on the state of security globally. From a public relations perspective, the findings in this report help kick-off the discussion for upcoming trends as well as provides interesting statistics to draw from when creating content.

For 2016, the report highlights that companies need not only guard against new threats, but also remember the basics. In fact, phishing schemes have seen a resurgence in popularity, with about 30% of phishing messages being opened (up from 25% in last year’s report). This comes at a good time and reminds those in the security space who are trying to predict the next “super bug,” to take a step back and reassess the big picture.

To add, Bryan Sartin, the executive director of global security services at Verizon Enterprise Solutions, says, “You might say our findings boil down to one common theme — the human element. Despite advances in information security research and cyber detection solutions and tools, we continue to see many of the same errors we’ve known about for more than a decade now.”

For corporations in the security space, and the agencies that serve them, it’s important to address this “human element” while touting the advancements of technology. In addition to this piece, other highlights of the report include:

  • 89% of all attacks involve financial or espionage motivations.
  • Most attacks exploit known vulnerabilities that have never been patched despite patches being available for months, or even years. In fact, the top 10 known vulnerabilities accounted for 85% of successful exploits.
  • 63% of confirmed data breaches involve using weak, default or stolen passwords.
  • 95% of breaches and 86% of security incidents fall into nine patterns
  • Ransomware attacks increased by 16% over 2015 findings.
  • Basic defenses continue to be sorely lacking in many organizations.

For more details on the report, see here. What statistics did you find the most interesting?

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