Holiday Marketing Insights for the 2015 Season

By Lulu Li | On November 24, 2015

The holidays are among us and business owners everywhere are thinking about how to optimize their marketing strategies to expand their reach during the peak of shopping season. In a recent Marketing Land article titled, Holiday Email Marketing Insights, industry leaders shared their tips and recommendations based on last year’s holiday campaigns. Here are the highlights from their findings:

  • Global inbox placement rates have slid below 80% in 2015. US brands identified as “legitimate senders” saw 24% of their marketing emails blocked or placed in spam folders this year — a steep rise compared to last year’s 13%. This could be due to refined technology and filtering approaches by mailbox providers.
  • On Thanksgiving Day, open rates hit their lowest for the entire month of November. Brands planning Cyber Monday emails should be ready to compete, as it saw a huge surge of marketing emails sent on Cyber Monday 2014.
  • Most email templates are designed for a standard desktop, with a set HTML width of about 600 pixels. This is too wide for most phones, and could result in unnecessary horizontal scrolling. Brands need to offer a plain text version in HTML for their marketing emails and not overuse images, as they increase the risk of emails being marked as spam.
  • Less is more – Senders who sent 100 Black Friday emails — multiple per day — would be expected to average an 11% engagement, compared to 16.5% for senders who sent only 10 Black Friday emails. If you must send multiple emails per day, do so rarely and only to recipients who consistently engage with your mail.

How does this compare to your holiday strategy?


Lulu Li

Lulu is a Senior Account Executive at Affect, where she brings deep experience in high-tech and entrepreneurial PR as well as expertise in conference and award program production. Lulu works closely with clients to generate and achieve business goals, specifically in the areas of content development and media relations. Lulu joined Affect from Boston-based fama PR, where she contributed to the media relations and thought leadership programs for a diverse group of clients including those with specialties in software data storage, personalized email marketing and analytics, digital retail media and interactive consumer technologies.