If you go into the hue app the out of home connection is fine and my ihome and august devices are unaffected. Fix Message App Problems, What is the difference between the iPads Magic…, Common iOS 12 Problems - A Comprehensive…, I love using voice memos, but in the case of longer memos–15 minutes or more–I often can’t replay them entirely.…, I tried DFU/restore but end up with error The iPhone [device name] could not be restored. Will update later. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, https://developers.meethue.com/content/homekit-no-response-issue. Voice control unavailable Voice assistants that function via cloud connection, such as Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant, will not work with the Hue Bridge v1. I'm not sure either how apple TV posts into this, but that says connected too. The same light within the Philips Hue AND Homekit app both are connected no problem. These smart and energy-efficient LED lights come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and models to suit your space. If it happens, it is really … Tap the Activity you wish to add or remove Philips hue light control. When I open the Home app there's all my stuff, but it says "No Home Hubs Responding". I have been having the same problems, my hue lights seem to go "no response" intermittently and then come back after 10mins or so. 90% of the time, I would get 'no response' from the hue system in the iOS Home app, however, in the Hue app I was able to control the lights, but I was 'connected via cloud' rather than directly over wifi (even though the iPhone was connected to the wifi). Once the device reboots, go into the Hue app and following the directions to connect your lights again. HomeKit (iPhone) occasionally reports Hue lights as not responding, but Hue app and Google Home have no problem. Have you tried switching off your lights without using the Philips … Different Wireless Network. Select Settings, then select Light setup. iPad vs MacBook: Should You Buy the iPad Pro or the New MacBook Air? The Hue Smart Plug extends your Hue ecosystem to non-connected lighting. Hi y'all, I have 2 new apple tvs & some Philips hue lights as well as the august smart lock. Fixing Unreachable Hue Light Bulbs THIS! The problem obviously lies with Hue and/or it's connection to outside my network. Go to your Philips Hue Bridge and make sure you don’t disconnect it. Interesting. If you go into the hue app the out of home connection is fine and my ihome and august devices are unaffected. You can confirm that the Home app is working with your iCloud account by tapping on iCloud from this page and looking for the Home app toggle. My Phillip hue bulbs are no response with ios13.3 when out of house with Homekit but when I am in my house it will work. I kept wondering my iPhone 11 was so much dimmer outside than my wife’s XS – granted the…, I got all the way down to number 8: Change your location. Next, confirm that you’re logged into your iCloud account. Philips Hue is killing off support for the original Hue Bridge. With that said, I don't use the home app and just use the control center so ymmv. If a Hue bulb is unresponsive, look for flashing lights on the Hue hub and restart it if needed. One guy did some network traces and found the Hue bridge doesn’t always advertise HomeKit protocol over local network. An unknown error occurred…, Same here!! Here are 4 steps to fix it. I hope Phillips has a patch soon to address this, it's really takes the entire convenience out of have HomeKit. Whenever I get this, turning off wifi on the phone and then turning it back on fixes it. My HomePod and apple tv 4k are both on 13.3. However, as Philips Hue bulbs use the Zigbee wireless protocol, you can get some issues with it, including the Hue lights unreachable error, with the bulbs not displaying properly in the app. It seems to have happened more in recent IOS and TVOS updates. The HomeKit devices are: August SmartLock (1); Philip Hue Lights (5); Eve Light Switches (2); Fibaro Motion Sensor (1); and Fibaro Leak Sensor (1). Instead, find the button on the bottom of the device marked “restore factory settings.”. Make sure none of your lights show errors. iOS 13 or iPadOS problems and how to fix them -…, All the new features in HomeKit to take your smart…, Is your mouse or trackpad not working with your iPad…, How To Use Dual SIM and eSIM on iPhone 11, XR, SE, & XS, iPhone’s Location Services Always ON? One-time alarm sync: Users can say “Hey Google, Turn on Gentle Wake Up” which will sync their Philips Hue lights with subsequent morning alarms with the Google Assistant. What has been happening is when I am at the end of the house where the Orbi Router is located I have no issues with accessing any of the HomeKit devices. April 24, 2019. Open the Hue app on your smartphone or tablet, and make sure you can switch your lights On and Off using the switches on the right. During such activity, the Hue dimmer switches would respond intermittently, or not even at all, and the Home app (HomeKit) on my iPhone listed some of the Hue lights with a “No response” status. Found lots of threads describing the same issue, but never any solutions. So far, several hours later, disabling HomeKit Hub on Apple TV has fixed the problem locally in the house. Your Bridge has now been restored to factory settings. The Hue Hub was connected into a node in one of the bedrooms. Connected exactly as if it were another Hue light point, lights can be turned on & off via the app, voice, or Hue accessories. Under the Settings tab in the Hue app, tap Software Update. Will update if they get weird again. Hue Lights saves a lot of configuration and logic locally on your bridge, so you can use amazing features even when your iOS device is powered off: recurring schedules, sunrise/sunset actions, Hue motion sensor rules, and Hue dimmer switch/Hue Tap button actions. Haven't found a great solution other than giving it time. Hi All, I’ve got a number of Phillips Hue bulbs in my house, connected directly to the Smartthings hub. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. The heart of your Philips Hue system, the Bridge acts as a smart hub, connecting your devices to your smart lights. Why is my iPhone 11 or XS/XS Max/XR Display so dark and dim? Firmware 1931140050 That is, Hue is using Zigbee network which creates its own wireless connection. In HomeKit is everything OK. have two lights directly in HK, both disabled in LAN control and also override in config.json ("ignored": true). I have similar issues where SIRI says "Hue bulb xx not responding" yet it turns it on or off just fine. They almost always come back into connection. Go into the Settings app under Privacy > HomeKit. If you are, you should see a link for iCloud in the second section of the page. Using a small stick or pen point, press the button for five seconds. Described well here: https://developers.meethue.com/content/homekit-no-response-issue. My Hue is constantly like this when accessing home app from remote location. In this way, you can easily counter this issue and can make your hue light bulb in the range of bridge and your hue app. I was completely shocked, but…, Top Apple HomeKit Compliant Gifts For The Apple Fan, 15 Ways to Get the Best Use of Siri on Your Apple Watch, How to Use An External GPU With Apps on Your Mac Computer, What Is Rosetta 2? Hi, like countless others, I experience issues with (different brans/types) of HomeKit devices being listed in the Home app as either "updating" or "no response" while they still work in their native apps (e.g. No Hue Connection. If i turned light off in this delay, there is no response from light. If my iPad is connected to the extender, that's when I get the 'No Response'. You have added them but when it comes to turn them on and off the app says it cannot connect to that light bulb. All the listed devices say “no response” but they work on my Google home or in the manufactures app. Hue lights. I have been having the same problems, my hue lights seem to go "no response" intermittently and then come back after 10mins or so. Non-Hue lighting can then be tied into your favorite Hue scenes, schedules, or can even be accessed remotely. ). Lutron, Kwikset and ecobee is fine. Read somewhere to try disabling the Alexa Hue Skill. Works fine in the Hue or IConnectHue App, only shows No Response in Home App - different bulbs show it at different times intermittently. Browse our How to videos either in the Philips Hue app (you can find them in the Explore tab under 'How to videos"), or view all our videos on the Philips Hue YouTube channel. To remove a light from the Activity, tap to uncheck the device. In the Home app, click on the Home icon at the top right. Scroll until you see Remove Home. One other thing here to take note of is how the hue light bulbs connect. When you set up your Philips Hue Bridge, you’ll also … I get the same thing. I need to open the Hue app to wake up the Bridge to control … Press J to jump to the feed. Hue Bridge. Works fine in the Hue app, but Homekit sometimes won't work. Siri Can’t Find Your Hue Bridge. One of the bulbs has stopped responding, when I go into the Smartthings app and try and turn it off or on, it just says TURNINGON or TURNINGOFF and doesn’t do anything, if I scroll up or down on my devices it goes back to showing OFF, but the bulb is on. So it's just the control center that says no response, and continues that way no matter what I do; unless I completely remove homekit setup altogether and start over. They are all HomeKit compatible. Then turn the switch or lamp back on and open Home App. Once your device is back online, go back into in the page mentioned above and toggle Hue to the on position. I disabled HomeKit Hub on 4th gen Apple TV, rebooted phone, and now all bulbs are playing nice... for now. If not please raise this as an … New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. What about the other HomeKit accessories? iPhone stuck in Recovery mode? If you’re not, tap to log in. Go into the Settings app on your device and tap on your account at the top of the screen. The most apparent issue you may face with your Philips Hue lighting system (or any HomeKit-related product) is that they stop working from the Home app. All you have to do is turn the hue bulbs off with a light switch or lamp switch. @Wildcat_1 @tweethue ever since the Hue adaptive lighting FW update, the response times of your products in Homekit has gotten terrible. To check the iOS version on your device, go into the Settings app under General > Software Update. That sensor can also trigger Hue lights inside your home to turn on in response to motion outside of it. Hue Philips lights are unreachable. But 1 light is still visible in UI-X and also in HomeKit. Tap on it and confirm that you want to delete your home. Read up a while ago on this. You can control your Hue lights while connected to your local Wi-Fi network, but away-from-home control will no longer be supported. By default, these updates should be installed automatically, but like all technology, nothing works correctly 100 percent of the time. A common issue with Hue lights is that they are unreachable. And it worked. I hate this and it makes me feel like the Hue bulbs are really poorly designed. My home: – Phillips Hue lights – Meross garage door opener – Apple TV 4 – Apple TV 4K – 3 Google WiFi points (on of them is OnHub) Steps I’ve taken: – Power cycled all the things Also my bulbs can be triggered by the Phillip hue app fine. To get good coverage throughout my house, I have a wifi extender, which has a different network name. Now all hue bulbs will show "No response" but will work perfectly fine. Just assigned a static IP - fingers crossed. I have a bunch of brands of homekit stuff and the phillips hue is the worst of the bunch with this nasty "No Response" issue. Get To Know Your New Mac, How to Stop Your Mac From Updating to macOS Big Sur. All of my Hue Motion Sensors would also stop responding. Hue lights, Ikea lights, Heatmiser thermostats, etc. Are you aware of this and working on a fix ? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts We have fixed an issue that in some rare cases Philips Hue lights in show as “updating” or “no response” on Apple HomeKit when iOS device was connected over a cellular data network. Starting in April, the company says you'll no longer be able to use Philips Hue's original, first-gen hub to control your smart lights. Super efficient optimizations allow you to add more devices to your bridge. Every time the user sets their alarm on the Google Assistant, Philips Hue lights will naturally wake the user up with a sunrise effect commencing 30 minutes beforehand. ... Dec 4, 2016 4:54 PM in response to David Carolan In response … When I leave my wifi my HomeKit app says 'no response' for all my philips Hue devices. You can add up to 50 Philips Hue lights and accessories to one Bridge. Turn Off the power switch to the device you're having problems with. Hue owners, for instance, would need to reboot their Philips Hue bridge to see if that brings the bulbs back online. The lights themselves will almost certainly work manually; if they don’t, the bulb probably needs to be replaced. To add a light to the Activity, tap the ADD DEVICE at the bottom of the screen Follow on screen instructions to configure light settings at start or end of the Activity I spent hours on Twitter with Hue customer service and it went absolutely nowhere. Tried that, rebooted router, no issues yet. Works fine on my local wifi and every time within Hue app. It’s almost impossible to avoid this kind of problem. Latency/lag on response of lights etc is unusable. Try the following troubleshooting tips to resolve the issue. Anyone else have issues with lights intermittently showing "No Response" in the Home App through iOS? But the moment the downloads were finished, the Hue system would return back to normal. Or sometimes it will even turn my lights on or off with no triggers. Here's Why, iMessage Not Working iOS 12? For all my Hue lights, I sometimes get the 'No Response' on my iPad whilst my iPhone is connecting normally. Once you do, you’ll need to recreate your HomeKit settings for your location from the Home app. I get this often. I’ve heard there are connectivity and latency improvements after statically assigning IP addresses to applicable HomeKit devices. Solved: MacBook connects to Wi-Fi but has no Internet connection. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. It looks like it can't connect to my AppleTVs. Yep, only started recently.