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Live-Tweeting: Eight Things You Should Know

By Jenna Saper | On May 15, 2014

Whether it’s writing a Facebook status after the series finale of Breaking Bad, tweeting at JetBlue to win a free trip, or posting a picture of Sunday’s brunch on Instagram, we all update our social media channels on a real-time basis. As a PR and social media professional, when a client asks you to live-tweet from an event there are several things to keep in mind. Most importantly, you need to make sure that what you’re saying aligns with their business objectives. Remember that you represent the voice of a brand, which means taking their messaging, target audiences, personality and corporate policies into consideration.

Here are 8 best practices to keep in mind once you’re on the floor and need to engage with your client’s audience off the cuff:

1)   Set the stage

Let your followers know that you’ll be providing live updates and real-time coverage prior to the event. If the audience is aware in advance, it will increase your brand’s visibility and pave the way for more engagement.

2)   Know the client’s comfort level

Arguably, this is the most important step. Be completely clear about what your client is comfortable and uncomfortable with sharing on social media because once content goes live, there are no take-backs!

3)   Be fully locked and loaded

Have all apps/passwords/websites downloaded, logged in and ready to go so there’s no fumbling on-site. Don’t forget your chargers either!

4)   Make a game plan

If you’re live-tweeting a multi-session conference, establish your game plan for attendance ahead of time. Since you can’t be everywhere at once, see if the client has a preference for which sessions you should attend. If not, recommend a schedule that you think will provide the most interesting content.

5)   Listen up

Don’t get caught up in repeating what you hear verbatim, just be sure to listen for big ideas. Also, make sure that what you’re tweeting is accurate! Posting incorrect information can be bad news.

6)   Don’t be a tweet machine

Generate a steady flow of content that’s not overwhelming to newsfeeds. No one wants to read a new tweet every minute. If your followers are bombarded and overloaded with information, you run the risk of losing them.

7)   Strike a balance

Find that happy medium between engaging with others and producing original tweets. Followers want to see that the handle is actively involved with online conversation, not just interested in their own ideas. Engagement can serve as some of the best content. Interacting with tweets will give the handle a human voice. Simply put, don’t be a robot!

8)   The art of multitasking

Remember to share the love. If you’re required to post on multiple social channels from an event, make sure you’re giving all of them the proper attention they deserve. Establish a frequency based on your usual social media activities (ie. an editorial calendar).

Keeping these ideas in mind when live tweeting will ensure that you’re posting an effective stream of content that is in line with your client’s business objectives. What are some of your tricks of the trade for live-tweeting?

Jenna Saper

Jenna is an Account Supervisor at Affect, where works closely with her clients on day-to-day account activities and assists the communications team in carrying out long-term goals. Jenna is primarily responsible for media relations and content development. Jenna joined the Affect Team from Hill+Knowlton Strategies, where she was an assistant account executive in the Corporate Communications department.