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Meet the Tech Media Recap

By Malinda Singh | On September 20, 2016

Last week we organized and hosted a “Meet the Tech Media” event with PRSA NY. Moderated by Affect VP Katie Creaser, we had an excellent panel of journalists including:

meetthemedia2The panelists discussed their personal preferences for working with PR professionals – including the types of stories that tend to grab their interest and their pitching preferences. For example while Nicholas Deleon may not mind a quick phone call, Jeff Roberts prefers no calls (unless you know him and have worked with him before) and wants to receive short and to the point pitches by email only.

The journalists talked about receiving pitches that were shorter and to the point as opposed to long-winded and lengthy pitches. As PR professionals, we are always trying to build out the story and tend to start our pitches with different news hooks whereas the reporters prefer the opposite. State your point upfront – clearly present why they should care and then build out any supporting points after. Don’t bury your news in different data points and trends.

The panelists also discussed the different types of supporting materials that can be used in pitching – infographics, images, videos, etc. – and the consensus was it does not matter how you package the materials, it’s the substance of the content that is the most important.

Overall, it was a very productive night with some of the best technology media in the industry. It’s always helpful to have the insights from the publications and reporters we are trying to crack daily.

We hope to see you at the next event!


Malinda Singh

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