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New Report: A Press Release Is Not a Product Launch

By Terry Preston | On August 28, 2017

Tech launches are unpredictable. With moving deadlines, evolving product features and functionality and a last minute race to finish development and get to market, it’s generally far from the perfect equation for strong public relations results. So how does a PR professional guarantee coverage for a launch?

Today, Affect released a new report, “A Press Release Isn’t a Product Launch: A Guide for B2B Communicators” which serves as a guide for PR professionals navigating the ever-changing landscape of the tech industry. As top tier technology publications have fewer reporters dedicated to features and reviews, B2B communicators are challenged to prove their product is different, valuable and ties directly into a leading topic or trend. To do this, communicators need to know what tech writers are looking for to cover a launch. As a result, the Affect team paired with journalists from four leading tech publications, including:

Nicholas Deleon, formerly Vice Media’s Motherboard

Anthony Ha, TechCrunch

Edmund Lee, Recode

Brian Sommer, ZDNet

With the right mix of planning and content development, this can be done successfully regardless of a company’s size or budget. In our report, you’ll find a breakdown of the key components of the launch process, such as:

  • Defining Success: Realistic timelines, coverage goals and metrics appropriate for your launch
  • The PR Predicament: What it takes to get top tier coverage
  • Product Launch Toolbox: 9 essential items to include in every launch—from press releases, to analyst quotes and more
  • Sales Team Alignment: How to keep sales team up to date on coverage and how they can utilize it for potential buyers

 Are you ready to take your product launch to the next level? You can view the report here.

Terry Preston

Terry Preston is an Assistant Account Executive with more than 3 years of experience in media relations and brand communications. Prior to his role at Affect, Terry was at Paradise Advertising, where he was responsible for executing creative campaigns for numerous travel, tourism and luxury consumer clients. He holds a BA in Public Relations & Advertising from The University of Tampa.