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New Years Resolution – Empowering Your Clients

By Lulu Li | On January 8, 2015

Many public relations professionals are focused on the day-to-day within the agency – securing coverage, setting strategy, developing relationships with reporters, metrics, etc. While all of this is critical, it is equally important to remember to invest and nurture the team’s relationship with the client contact, whether it’s the Marketing Manager, the PR Director, or the head of Corporate Communications.

In a new post for PR News, Anu Kher, Senior Account Executive at Affect, writes:

“To ensure that you are investing in strengthening your agency’s relationships, it is essential that you empower your day-to-day client contact… Empowering refers to providing them with the tools and resources they need to succeed in their role so that in turn they can help the agency team achieve the results they’ve set for the campaign.”

To read the full post and learn three ways to empower your clients, click here.

Lulu Li

Lulu is a Senior Account Executive at Affect, where she brings deep experience in high-tech and entrepreneurial PR as well as expertise in conference and award program production. Lulu works closely with clients to generate and achieve business goals, specifically in the areas of content development and media relations. Lulu joined Affect from Boston-based fama PR, where she contributed to the media relations and thought leadership programs for a diverse group of clients including those with specialties in software data storage, personalized email marketing and analytics, digital retail media and interactive consumer technologies.