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NYC Social Media Week Key Takeaways – February 24, 2015

By Lulu Li | On February 25, 2015

NYC Social Media Week started with a bang! The first day was filled with great keynotes and informative sessions on all thing social media. The Affect team was present in force and enjoyed every minute of it. Take a look below for highlights of the presentations.


Measuring Attention and Inattention with the NY Times 

Attended by Katie Creaser, Vice President at Affect

Top takeaways when measuring attention:

  1. When it comes to digital advertising, attention leads to intention. Meaning that if you can capture someone’s attention in a significant way you have a higher likelihood of conversion. Clicks to a website or piece of content don’t necessary equal the attention of your audience.
  2. The best way to understand what a consumer may purchase is to truly understand what they pay attention to online – and build a content strategy that is customized to their interest and search patterns. Grab their attention – gain the ability to influence.
  3. Digital advertising is evolving towards an attention-based model. In the upcoming years – brands may pay for advertising based on how long their advertising engaged audiences vs. how many clicks it generated.
  4. Brands can gain intel on their customers based on what content they’ve consumed on their websites. Look at what folks read and click and where they spend their time – build a content strategy around encouraging them to pay attention.


The New Reality of the Changing Marketing Landscape 

Hosted by Added Value

Attended by Megan Hartwick, Account Executive at Affect

Ensure that you are present in the evolving marketing landscape by:

  1. Paying attention to big data. Brands should understand the value that big data can bring insights on both their business and customers.
  2. Changing the marketing department. Marketing departments are constantly changing to keep up with the external environment. It will not look the same today it will in 6 months, 12 months or 2 years.
  3. Valuing digital influencers. A Vanity Fair survey found that millennials noted that 80% of the biggest celebrities are not your typical music icon or actor, but digital influencers like Smosh (see survey here).
  4. Embracing organic content development. This is the future of marketing but requires a bit of risk and therefore a new group of specialized marketers. Targeted efforts are the only way for the brand to be organic and real with consumers.


Harnessing the Power of Hashtags: Driving Campaigns and Call-To-Actions 

Hosted by Tagboard

Attended by Cat Forgione, Assistant Account Executive at Affect

Following these keys and tips to reach hashtag success:

  1. Use hashtags to join conversations, network and engage audiences in a specific conversation
  2. Using hashtags in every word or to inaccurately describe a fact can turn off audiences or get you into the wrong conversation
  3. Capitalize every word in the hashtag so it is easy to understand for the reader
  4. Hashtags can be created from all sorts of inspiration such as campaigns, events and trending topics.


Why 2015 Will Be the Year of Social Video

Hosted by Socialbakers

Attended by Erin Stanley, Account Coordinator at Affect

Here are some great facts about social video for the year ahead:

  1. Facebook is the biggest producer of all video mainly due to Autoplay. Facebook video is the most reached form of content with the highest engagement. In 2014, 30% of shares and engagement came from Facebook, now in 2015 it shifted to 90%.
  2. Twitter just launched its native video platform 7% of videos are from Twitter and 9% from Vine. Interactions reaching an all time high at 52%, which is not good for other platforms.
  3. Users should not compare views across different platforms; they should understand the reach and the difference in views. Don’t measure isolation. Instead, ask, “If I’m only measuring my own performance how do I know what “good” is?”


“Stop trying to go viral and create shareable content! Anyone can shoot & publish a video, but #brands need to share HIGH quality content!”

– Jan Rezab CEO and Co-founder of Sociabakers


Come back tomorrow for another exciting recap!

Lulu Li

Lulu is a Senior Account Executive at Affect, where she brings deep experience in high-tech and entrepreneurial PR as well as expertise in conference and award program production. Lulu works closely with clients to generate and achieve business goals, specifically in the areas of content development and media relations. Lulu joined Affect from Boston-based fama PR, where she contributed to the media relations and thought leadership programs for a diverse group of clients including those with specialties in software data storage, personalized email marketing and analytics, digital retail media and interactive consumer technologies.