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NYC Social Media Week Key Takeaways – February 26, 2014

By Erin Stanley | On February 26, 2015

The third day of Social Media Week has come to a close. Here are the top highlights of our day:

1. Take Command of Your Data: How to Strategically Use Social Listening in Business

Developing a data command center can facilitate collaboration and bring people together in a centralized way across either a very large or decentralized organization, creating energy and a different way of thinking. A data command center can help you crystallize ROI on social. It can consolidate your toolsets. Being able to say to the c-suite, “We’re going to save X money every year by having a more consolidated approach to strategy and insight,” is really impactful.

2. Boil a Better Ocean: Making Social Matter

“People and CEOs understand social media activities, but they want to know what to report the board – how is this making us money? Can we avert a crisis? Are we keeping customers? CEOs get paid to be a skeptic, so think of CEOs as insatiable toddlers – always asking ‘why?'” said Robert Harles, Managing Director and Global Head of Social Business at Accenture Interactive.

“Social media is not a strategy – it’s a platform and an enabler of a strategy,” said Bruce Rogers, Chief Insights Officer of Forbes.

3. Is Data the Future of Journalism?

Media companies are using data in the pre- and post-publishing stages. In the pre-publishing stage, newsrooms monitor the chatter on the Internet to see what is trending, and what people want to know. This informs editors on what is current and what content might do well. In the post publishing stage, newsrooms are learning more and about the kind of content people are consuming and how they are consuming it. These insights are helping editors make changes (like tweaking a headline, or pushing it out on certain social media channels) to make stories do better/go viral.

4. Taking Action With Comparative Analytics

“Every brand should think about why am I on social? Whether it is for brand awareness, generating ROI, customer service – it’s important to determine this to create benchmarks,” says Evan James, Head of North American Marketing at Socialbakers. The roles of social managers have transitioned beyond just creating content for your brand. Now it is important to analyze, promote, react and respond to your content and other industry content to get your message across.

Comeback tomorrow for more of our Social Media Week feedback and insights and stay tuned for individual blog post on events we have attended with more in-depth summaries.

Erin Stanley

Erin is an Account Coordinator at Affect, where she works with technology and B2B clients. Erin’s responsibilities include supporting her account teams with media relations and content development efforts. She also assists with media monitoring and coverage analysis to help clients meet their business objectives. Prior to Affect, Erin held PR internships at Zing USA and Peppercomm. She holds a BA in Public Relations from Florida Gulf Coast University.