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Tech Media Watch: It’s All About the Airwaves

By Brittany Bevacqua | On October 20, 2016


Back in March, I profiled a handful of new(er) columns, podcasts and people that were taking technology reporting to the next level. Roughly six months later, those outposts are thriving, and yet, the media landscape continues to evolve at a steady clip. Many media outlets are doubling down on the popular podcast format, while others are experimenting with social media platforms and video as a way to reach new audiences. Without further ado, here’s the latest batch you should know about:

Bloomberg Technology
It’s safe to say that Bloomberg is stepping up its technology game. As reported by MediaPost, the media company’s recently expanded and re-launched Bloomberg Technology brand will focus exclusively on the business of technology, as told through its digital, print, mobile, TV and radio/podcast properties and events. While similar changes are expected to roll out to other Bloomberg brands, for now Bloomberg Technology will remain ahead of the curve in both its dynamic reporting and use of video and other multimedia content to bring stories to life. Which brings me to…

Bloomberg Disrupted Podcast
If you’re looking for your next podcast obsession, check out Disrupted. In this brand new series, Bloomberg Technology’s Brad Stone (and team of reporters) take listeners on a journey to “uncover what actually happens behind closed doors” in the global technology industry. Its first episode, which aired this week, follows the epic demise of online retailer, once valued at more than $1B, including lessons learned from the start-up’s founder, Jason Goldberg. Get it on iTunes and SoundCloud.

The Engadget Podcast
After a two-year hiatus, the Engadget Podcast returned in August bigger and better than ever. This time around, host Terrence O’Brien is joined by Engadget editors in a lively panel format, discussing the latest news, debating hot issues in the space, and taking a deeper look at the events shaping the consumer gadget landscape. The podcast is available in a variety of formats—audio, video and digital—making it easy to follow along no matter how you like to consume information.

The Never Settle Show
This month, digital lifestyle expert, radio personality and TODAY Show contributor Mario Armstrong announced that he’ll be adding another job to his resume: talk show host. Focusing on helping viewers overcome challenges in their lives to achieve personal success, Armstrong’s new Never Settle Show promises to flip the traditional talk show format on its head. In this case, it will be the first live-streamed, interactive show for Facebook Live, giving viewers the opportunity to participate in segments and help shape show programming in real-time. Guests will range from celebrities to business leaders. Check out the Never Settle Show trailer here.

Brittany Bevacqua

Brittany is a Vice President at Affect, where she brings more than seven years of deep B2B and B2C technology PR experience. In her role, Brittany is responsible for setting program strategy and overseeing execution to ensure that clients achieve their unique business goals. She is particularly passionate about leveraging breaking news headlines and industry trends to raise her clients’ profiles among their target audiences. Prior to joining Affect, Brittany was a senior account representative at Boston-based Lois Paul & Partners (LP&P), where she led public relations programs for a wide-variety of technology clients.