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Why Every Brand Should Value Earned Media

By Lulu Li | On November 5, 2015

The media landscape continues to evolve as more publications, channels and technologies are introduced to the space. DSSimon’s Media Influencers Report shares new statistics and sentiments in the industry, ranging from digital content to communications trends. Highlights of the report include:

  • PR professionals are dividing their focus and favoring paid opportunities over earned media
  • 76% of digital journalists are using 3rd party videos
  • 69% of digital journalists say proper disclosure made them more inclined to consider using content

Sandra Fathi, President of Affect, sat down with Doug Simon to analyze the findings of this report. Fathi says, “One of the things that really struck me is how many PR people are not focused on earned media; that is what we do day in and day out, and to me it is still the most trusted and valued part of our business. So it was shocking to me how many people are abandoning that channel and just focusing on paid opportunities.”

Fathi believes that there is tremendous value in paid media opportunities but there has to be a balance. “Paid opportunities are still associated with advertising while earned opportunities have the credibility of an independent journalist evaluating the information and forming an objective opinion. It is always going to be more credible when a trusted journalist writes a positive article about a company or product versus a paid employee or consultant.”

For access to the full interview and additional analysis on the value of earned media, see here.

Lulu Li

Lulu is a Senior Account Executive at Affect, where she brings deep experience in high-tech and entrepreneurial PR as well as expertise in conference and award program production. Lulu works closely with clients to generate and achieve business goals, specifically in the areas of content development and media relations. Lulu joined Affect from Boston-based fama PR, where she contributed to the media relations and thought leadership programs for a diverse group of clients including those with specialties in software data storage, personalized email marketing and analytics, digital retail media and interactive consumer technologies.