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Why Healthcare Marketers Need to Tell Tech Stories

By Melissa Baratta | On August 4, 2017

Emerging technology is impacting nearly every industry – and from AI to virtual reality to telehealth – the effect it’s having on the healthcare landscape is dramatic. If healthcare organizations want to stay competitive and engage patients, they need to think about incorporating tech storytelling into their PR and marketing efforts. However, many healthcare brands are hesitant to talk tech, leaving it to the few industry leaders to own the space.


But it doesn’t have to be that way. Every health organization large and small can build a storyline about emerging tech that’s relevant to their brand – but now is the time to capture share of voice, while the playing field is so new.


I chatted with Direct Marketing News the other day about why it’s important to have a voice on emerging tech, and shared some tips for how healthcare brands can break the ice. Check out the article here – and feel free to get in touch if you want to brainstorm some ideas for your organization together.

Melissa Baratta

Melissa is a Senior Vice President at Affect, where she uses her extensive background working with technology and healthcare companies to raise her clients’ brand profiles and position them as thought leaders in their respective industries. As an expert in stakeholder communications, she is adept at helping clients develop creative ways to communicate thoughtfully with their key audiences. Prior to joining Affect, Melissa served as Managing Director for Ricochet Public Relations.